Noa Matz, Partner at F2

“Diversity is being true to yourself, showing more layers and colors of yourself”

Noa Matz, Partner at VC F2, believes that it is easier to overcome challenges with a diverse team

“When we have a more diverse management, a more diverse founding team, it is easier to get out of obstacles and crises,” said Noa Matz, Partner at venture capital firm F2, speaking to CTech at the Power in Diversity event on Sunday. “It's much easier to move away from challenges when you have a diverse team."
Matz is a social psychologist, or rather a startup psychologist. “I work with our founders to help them build a healthier team dynamic. I help them become healthier founders by taking off the mask and being more authentic, even when it is challenging, especially when it is challenging. We want them to know that F2 is a safe space and that is what diversity is, being true to yourself and showing more layers of yourself, more colors. That way I can be who I am and I can pull in others. By doing this we are being diverse."

​​F2 is a Tel Aviv-based VC firm that invests in early-stage technology companies. With $400 million under management, F2 has backed companies such as Explorium, Justt, Parametrix, as well as the more notable, and eToro.
You can watch the full interview with Matz in the video above.