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ועידת לונדון 2023 ג'וליה הוגט וידאו

London Stock Exchange CEO: "We admire Israeli high-tech"

21.03.23|Amir Kurtz, Sophie Shulman
Julia Hoggett made the statement at the opening of the Mind The Tech conference of Calcalist and Bank Leumi held this week in London. "60% of the investors in Israel have offices in London, and the success shows the support for companies, big and small"
עדי ודרובניק סמנכ"לית פיתוח עסקי בכלכליסט

Adi Vedrovnik appointed VP of Business Development at Calcalist

Vedrovnik will replace Noa Tamir, who was recently appointed as Calcalist's CEO
נועה תמיר מנכ"לית כלכליסט

Noa Tamir appointed as Calcalist CEO

Tamir was promoted from the role of Vice President of Business Development and will replace Eyal Peer on January 1
נועה תמיר כלכליסט

Noa Tamir appointed Calcalist's VP of Business Development

"I'm happy to be joining Calcalist's excellent team. I'm certain that we will be able to bring innovation and creativity into our work during this challenging time," said Tamir