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Nofar Amikam Ctech Unicorn Forum וידאו

“Any company that answers a need with a sense of urgency around it is pretty safe”

03.07.22|Noa Gadot
Nofar Amikam, Early Stage Investor and General Partner at Glilot Capital, talks about how important it is to solve real problems
נופר עמיקם Nofar Amikam Gateways Stampa

Nofar Amikam: Glilot’s go-to on cyber

The lady who's overseen some of the most fascinating times in cybersecurity history
קרן גלילות נופר עמיקם

Glilot Capital Promotes Nofar Amikam to Partner

14.11.19|Meir Orbach
Until now, Amikam served as the vice president of value creation at Glilot, a venture capital fund focused on investments in artificial intelligence and big data companies