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רוברט סימונדס NSO

LA confidential: What’s a Hollywood producer doing on the board of NSO's parent company?

24.05.23|Omer Kabir
Calcalist has learned that Hollywood producer Robert Simonds is listed as one of the two directors, along with Omri Lavie, at Dufresne Holding, NSO’s parent company. What’s the movie mogul’s motive?
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Evolve or die: The cybersecurity industry’s challenges in the post-coronavirus world

26.08.20|Omri Lavie
Organizations must be ready to adopt changes in order to ensure we can securely conduct our new remotely-managed lives
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NSO Founder Completes $7.5 Million Raise For Cyber Defense Platform Orchestra

20.04.20|Sophie Shulman
Orchestra CEO Omri Lavie says Covid-19 crisis increases comapnies' cybersecurity needs
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A Look Inside Orchestra - Omri Lavie's New Cyber Startup

Founded by NSO co-founder Omri Lavie in 2018, Orchestra has already made two acquisitions and is in the process of integrating new products into its end-to-end cybersecurity service
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Cyber Surveillance Firm Founder Defends Company’s Practices

25.12.17|Asaf Shalev
Co-founder of NSO Group whose products were tied to government spying on journalists and dissidents defended the company’s ethical standards in a rare interview
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Co-Founder of Surveillance Company NSO Starts New Cyber Startup

06.11.17|Meir Orbach
Omri Lavie unveiled Orchestra, a cybersecurity startup offering a system-wide defense