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Digital bank One Zero losses hit $170 million in two years

27.03.24|Shaked Green, Irit Avishar
One Zero claims that they are meeting the business plan and that they will reach profitability at the end of 2025. CEO Gal Bar Dea: "We expected more accounts to be opened, but it was a challenging year."
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Bank One Zero announces executive promotions in anticipation of European expansion

21.03.24|Irit Avishar
The promotion of the CEO of the digital bank Gal Bar Dea to the position of CEO of the group, and the departure of the VP of risk management and the VP of technology of the bank has led to a wide round of appointments
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What happens when more than 10% of your company gets called to war?

19.10.23|James Spiro
ONE ZERO bank was founded during the pandemic. It now finds itself on a new battlefield.
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“People are willing to pay to receive personal service and not feel alone in the financial world”

13.03.23|Shaked Green
According to Gal Bar Dea, CEO of the digital bank One Zero, "today’s machines can do 95% of what a person can do, but there is the other 5% that only humans can do." The interview with Bar Dea was held ahead of Tuesday's “The power of AI in banking” conference