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מוסף שבועי 12.8.21 אור עופר

A diamond in the rough: The story of SimilarWeb founder Or Offer

15.08.21|Sophie Shulman
“I'm really a Cinderella story," says Offer, who got started in business with his parents’ jewelry stores and now heads a company worth $1.8 billion. “You want to quit ten times along the way, but you can not because you know you have to get to the finish line"
סימילרווב מימין דן וולך אור עופר אברום גילברט עינת אור אבי ישראל ג'ייסון שוורץ בנג'מין סרור

Web Analytics Company SimilarWeb Raises $47 Million

26.07.17|Meir Orbach
The comapny intends to use the funding for “aggressive expansion and further acquisitions,” CEO said