6 stories about Outsourcing
שקל שקלים דולר דולרים מטבע חוץ

The plummeting USD is taking the Israeli tech sector down with it

14.01.21|Adrian Filut and Naomi Zoreff
Industry leaders call on government to take action or risk Israeli companies seeking employees elsewhere
רובוטים של חברת TEMI שבוע אורקל

Robot-maker Temi is downsizing its Israel team, moving operations to China

03.08.20|Meir Orbach
The personal robot manufacturer said it is shifting its base of operations to meet business goals in Asia
מנכ"ל אינטל בוב סוואן Bob Swan דצמבר 2019

Intel CEO throws future of Israeli chip-manufacturing factory into doubt with a single sentence

26.07.20|Meir Orbach and Hagar Ravet
The big question now is what will happen if Intel falls in love with outsourcing and understands that its time as a manufacturer has come to an end?
8200 ביון ריגול האזנות מכ"מ אנטנות

Israel Blurs the Line Between Defense Apparatus and Local Cybersecurity Hub

29.03.18|Orr Hirschauge and Yoav Stoler
An evolving threat landscape and fast-rising salaries in the technology sector have propelled Israel into a new track in building its cyber-power
מנכ"ל טבע החדש קור שולץ 2

Teva to Cut Around Half of Israeli Workforce, Outsource Operations

13.12.17|Dror Reich
An internal document reviewed by Calcalist reveals the troubled drugmaker's detailed domestic cost-cutting plans