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Palo Alto Networks VP: "Investing in holistic defense solutions reduces the chance of a cyber breach by 99%"

16.01.24|Adiel Eithan Mustaki
Elad Koren of Palo Alto Networks spoke at Calcalist's Tech TLV conference about how companies can reduce cyber attacks, and save themselves thousands if not millions in costs.
עידן טנדלר סגן נשיא בכיר פאלו אלטו

High-tech giants, VC funds partnering in $4 million Sderot venture

20.12.23|Sophie Shulman
The main idea, born following the attack of October 7, is to bring to the Western Negev a physical presence of high-tech companies
מייסדי טאלון סייבר סקיוריטי מימין עופר בן-נון ו אוהד בוברוב Talon Cyber Security

Palo Alto windfall: Founders of Talon and Dig set for lucrative paydays after acquisitions

16.11.23|Meir Orbach
The founders of Talon are expected to receive over $200 million from the sale to Palo Alto Networks, while the founders of Dig Security will net several tens of millions of dollars. Both companies were established only two years ago
מלחמת עזה בתים הרוסים ב קיבוץ כפר עזה 15.10.23

Israeli high-tech’s next great mission: rebuilding the Western Negev communities

13.11.23|Idan Tendler
Senior VP at Palo Alto Networks and chairman of Place.IL, Idan Tendler, writes about the contributions of the high-tech industry to Israel’s war effort and the need to continue those efforts in the days after the war.
מייסדי טאלון סייבר סקיוריטי מימין עופר בן-נון ו אוהד בוברוב Talon Cyber Security

Palo Alto Networks announces the acquisition of Israeli startup Talon Cyber Security

06.11.23|Meir Orbach
As exclusively revealed on Sunday in Calcalist, the deal is estimated to be around $625 million. “The announcement underscores our continued belief in the strength of the Israeli cybersecurity ecosystem”, stated Palo Alto executive

Iranian-backed cyberattackers have struck Israeli tech companies and educational institutions

06.11.23|Omer Kabir
Palo Alto Networks conducted an investigation but did not disclose the identity of the victims of the attackers, the extent or scope, or the type of information stolen and deleted.
Dig Security co-founders

It’s official: Palo Alto Networks formally announces intent to acquire Dig Security

31.10.23|James Spiro
The long-rumored news has finally been confirmed by the company as it “enters into a definitive agreement” with the startup
Dig Security co-founders

Palo Alto Networks in advanced negotiations to acquire Dig Security in $300-$400 million deal

26.09.23|Meir Orbach
Palo Alto is closing on two acquisitions of Israeli startups, with negotiations currently also ongoing to purchase Talon Cyber Security for $600-$700 million
אורלנדו בראבו מנכ"ל ומייסד קרן תומא בראבו

Beware of the cyber Frankenstein: Figuring out Thoma Bravo’s next move

21.09.23|Sophie Shulman
If the American investment fund, which has already purchased 15 cyber companies since 2009, decides to merge them into one entity, a giant will be created that will dwarf many of the leaders in the field
מייסדי טאלון סייבר סקיוריטי מימין עופר בן-נון ו אוהד בוברוב Talon Cyber Security

Palo Alto Networks in negotiations to acquire Talon Cyber Security in $600 million deal

20.09.23|Meir Orbach
Talon, which develops a secure enterprise browser, has raised a total of $126 million since it was founded in 2021
גונן פינק פאלו אלטו נטוורקס

Palo Alto Networks to expand Israel center by 250 employees

13.09.23|Sophie Shulman
Palo Alto's Israeli R&D center is its second largest outside of its California headquarters, employing around 1,000 people
ניר צוק מייסד CTO פאלו אלטו נטוורקס

Palo Alto’s 134-slide presentation reveals the insides of the global cyber market

21.08.23|Sophie Shulman
In-depth analysis paints crucial portrait of rapidly evolving cyber landscape
מייסדי סיידר סקיוריטי

Palo Alto Networks acquiring Cider Security for $300 million

17.11.22|Meir Orbach
The startup, which develops an AppSec operating system, will receive $200 million in cash and $100 million in Palo Alto stock
Battery Israel Team

Battery Ventures appoints Barak Schoster Goihman to help lead Israeli office

16.11.22|James Spiro
Schoster co-founded Bridgecrew, which last year was acquired by Palo Alto Networks