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The pivot spirit

02.08.22|Shaul Olmert
Risky as it may be, changing course is often not just good for startups, but necessary
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Capping Pivot to Cybersecurity, Crossrider Rebrands as KAPE

The company says it has a $70 million budget for cybersecurity acquisitions
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When Founders Pivot

27.02.18|Tom Pachys
Playbuzz co-founder and chief operations officer Tom Pachys explains why he shifted his role after five years as the company’s chief product officer
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After Raising Over $220 Million, Flash Storage Startup Kaminario Shifts to Software

21.01.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Kaminario enters a partnership with multinational technology distributor Tech Data Corporation to produce the hardware required to run Kaminario technologies
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Pivoting: Finding a New Way Forward

01.10.17|Zachi Zach
Pivots no longer have the bad reputation they once had, but entrepreneurs shouldn't use them as an excuse for failure either