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השקה של קורוס בסין

Kenon Holdings to Sell 12% of Qoros Automotive to Chinese Majority Shareholder for $227 Million

08.01.19|Lilach Baumer
Qoros is a joint venture between Israel-based Kenon and Chery Automobile Co. In January 2018, an investor related to the Baoneng Group paid $1 billion for a 51% stake in Qoros
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השקה של קורוס בסין

Kenon, Chery Sell 51% of Qoros Automotive for $1 Billion

09.01.18|Golan Hazani
The investor, who is related to China’s Baoneng Group, has committed to buying 300,000 cars from Qoros over the next three year
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השקה של קורוס בסין

China’s Baoneng to Invest $1 billion for a Controlling Stake in Car Maker Qoros

21.12.17|Golan Hazani
The Chinese conglomerate has agreed to infuse cash into the struggling automaker. Qoros was founded in 2007 by Israel-based Kenon Holdings and Chinese Wuhu Chery