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 ד״ר ליאור הרמן

"Even Gaza is ahead of us in renewable energy"

16.04.23|Shani Ashkenazi
Dr. Lior Herman, an expert in energy and political economy, says that Gaza may already be producing 25% of its electricity using solar panels while Israel is lagging far behind at 10%
אלקטריק גלובל גנרטור שפיתחה החברה שמפיק חשמל מאבקת מימן

Israeli startup is creating electricity by releasing hydrogen from powder

28.02.23|Adiel Eithan Mustaki
Electriq Global announced on Tuesday that it will establish a manufacturing plant in the Port of Amsterdam to turn hydrogen gas into powder - from which electricity can then be produced using a special dehydrogenation system developed by the company
מגזין מנהלים 31.12.20 גלעד יעבץ מנכ"ל אנלייט

Renewable energy company Enlight going public on Nasdaq at over $2 billion valuation

The company, which specializes in projects involving the generation of electricity from renewable energy, will begin trading on Wall Street on Friday and has already ensured itself over $250 million in funding
מגזין מנהלים 31.12.20 גלעד יעבץ מנכ"ל אנלייט

Enlight aiming to raise over $200 million in Wall Street IPO

22.01.23|Golan Hazani
The company, which specializes in projects involving the generation of electricity from renewable energy, is currently traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange with a market cap of NIS 7.6 billion (approximately $2.23 billion) and plans to be a dual-listed company
igal kronhaus and andy pearlman

More than rocket science: Space Plasmatics aims to power green rockets in space

27.06.22|Yafit Ovadia
The space tech startup is developing electric rockets “for the tiniest spacecraft you can imagine,” says CEO
ועידת כלכליסט ביוון מימין יובל שדה ד"ר קתרינה סארדי יקי נוימן דורית בנט ו קונסטנטינוס ביקאס וידאו

“We are preparing for renewable energy and creating clean gas”

06.06.22|Neta Li-Binshtock
Dr. Katerina Sardi of Energean Greece, was speaking during a panel at Calcalist’s Israel-Greece conference. Dorit Banet, CEO of Eilat-Eilot Energy added in regard to Russia-Ukraine conflict: “We are realizing the importance of energy independence”
יגאל זיבוני Meteo Logic

Meteo-Logic's road from a weather prediction algorithm to a power futures trading system

"Everyday learning has been imperative for that transition. We adopted scrum methodology, and we retrospect daily, analyzing and learning how to improve, adapt and build for the market's current and future needs," says CEO and Founder Igal Zivoni
מתקן של הום ביוגז

HomeBiogas is powering homes with recycled natural gas

28.11.21|Yafit Ovadia
The renewable energy startup is changing the way people treat waste, by recycling food waste on-site and using it to power kitchens in homes, restaurants, and refugee camps
אדמת הירח

Helios is powering lunar settlements of the future

14.05.21|Yafit Ovadia
The Israeli space tech startup’s proprietary technology aims to mine oxygen on the Moon, and power the next generation of settlements on other planets
judah taub

On the road to fusion energy, something’s missing: Israel

10.05.21|Judah Taub
Private fusion energy companies will demonstrate sustainable, clean power in 2025; meanwhile, where are Israeli startups?
איתן סטיבה בכנס הכרזת הניסויים

Which Israeli technologies will soon be going to space?

05.05.21|Yafit Ovadia
Space Hummus, onboard drones, flexible solar panels, and cameras to photograph “lightning elves” are just some of the Israeli technologies that will accompany the next Israeli astronaut to space in 2022
דוראל מערכת סולארית מעל מטעים

Israeli insurance giant Migdal to invest over $355 million in renewable energy company Doral

The deal will include the acquisition of 20% of Doral, extension of credit facilities, and direct investments in projects
תחנת פז ב מאה שערים

Paz backs out of a deal to install charging stations after dispute

22.03.21|Golan Hazani
Israeli energy company intended to pay NIS 24 million to acquire 50% of EV-Edge, but cancelled deal after dispute over day-to-day management of the subsidiary company
Nofar Energy Chariman Ofer Yannay

Nofar Energy to acquire Tesla storage systems bolstering its renewable power capabilities

17.03.21|Ron Friedman
Chairman Ofer Yannay sees the arrival of electric vehicles as a game-changer for the entire energy sector
תחנת רוח מגדל

BIRD Foundation issues $4 million for joint U.S.-Israel clean energy proposals

The U.S. Department of Energy has partnered with the Israeli Ministry of Energy and the Israel Innovation Authority for $4 million in funding for clean energy proposals
רובוט לניקוי פאנלים סולאריים אותו מפתחת חברת בלייד ריינג'ר BladeRanger

Even without earnings, BladeRanger is the stuff of dreams for investors

01.02.21|Yaniv Rahimi
The Israeli company develops robots to clean solar panels and is only expected to begin yielding revenue in 2022, but its stock leapt by 156% since its December IPO
יונתן בן ארצי שותף ומייסד קרן Firstime

“The Israeli tech sector mobilized to battle Covid-19, but the government failed to enlist it”

22.01.21|Hagar Ravet
Jonathan Benartzi, founding partner at Firstime talks investment goals, market trends, and the tech sector's leadership role in the country
 משמאל טל חן ו דייקי מורייאמה  left Tal Chen and Daiki Moriyama

Opportunity for Israeli startups: Japan is seeking innovative green technologies with a new $19 billion government fund

04.01.21|Tal Chen and Daiki Moriyama
Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced a 2 trillion yen fund for ecological businesses and innovation to achieve zero net carbon emissions by 2050
רובוטים של חברת אקופיה ecoppia נקיון פאנלים סולאריים

Ecoppia's robots to clean one million solar energy panels in India in multi-million deal

17.12.20|Golan Hazani
Israeli company lands 450MW project that is set to go live in the first quarter of 2021
מימין אור יוגב טל מונד אבי ברנמילר יוסי סוקולר כנס קלינטק

Storage is the key to taking renewable energy to the next level, say experts

12.11.20|Lior Gutman
The future of the sector and the way in which electricity can be stored and supplied on demand was the focus of a panel at Calcalist and Eilat-Eilot's Cleantech conference