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Guy Zyskind SCRT Labs

Privacy-first blockchain: A tool for safety amid geopolitical strife

18.03.22|Guy Zyskind
“As uncertainty looms for Ukraine, Russia, and the rest of the world, one thing is clear – people don’t deserve to lose everything because of their circumstances,” writes SCRT Labs CEO Guy Zyskind
Tarantino Zyskind SCRT Labs NFT

Secret Network announces $400 million in ecosystem funding

Israeli startup SCRT Labs, the core development team behind Secret Network, announced a new $225 million ecosystem fund and a $175 million accelerator pool
Tarantino Zyskind SCRT Labs NFT

Path of the righteous man: Tarantino announces NFT auction despite legal dispute

05.01.22|James Spiro
The director is set to auction off original, handwritten Pulp Fiction scripts and audio on Secret Network later this month
Nir Guy NFT SCRT Labs ניר גיא

The Israeli company behind Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction Secret NFTs

02.11.21|James Spiro
SCRT Labs’ mission is to create products and systems to accelerate the adoption of privacy-first and decentralized technologies