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מנכ״ל עידו נאמן סמנכ״ל טכנולוגיות יאן ציבולסקי Nuweba נואבה

Serverless Computing Company Nuweba Raises $5.4 Million

28.01.20|Meir Orbach
Nuweba develops a platform that enables companies to run serverless applications without using third-party tools or add-ons
חוות שרתים של אמזון

Serverless Computing Is a Paradigm Shift for Cloud Computing

02.07.18|Avi Arnon
The serverless revolution is akin to delivery companies moving away from owning large trucks to managing a fleet of leased vans, and from there, to outsourcing transportation to a third-party fleet of scooters
ירושלים הרי ירושלים כיפת הזהב מסגד אל אקצה

Cloud Cybersecurity Startup Protego Raises $2 Million in Seed

13.05.18|Tofi Stoler
Jerusalem-based Protego develops a cloud information security technology that can detect threats and attacks in real time
מייסדי Epsagon רן רבנזפט ו ניצן שפירא

Israel-Based Serverless Systems Monitoring Startup Epsagon raises $4.1 Million in Seed Round

11.03.18|Tofi Stoler
California-headquartered Lightspeed, Israel-based StageOne and Israeli serial entrepreneur Ariel Maislos participated in the round