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Tech Entrepreneur Takes “Detox” Break to Major in Humanities

Shahar Kaminitz thinks an education in liberal arts can give students an edge in the tech industry
מוסף שבועי 19.1.17 רמי ברכה שותף מנהל בקרן ההון סיכון פיטנגו

Accused of Sexual Harassment, Israeli Venture Capitalist Resigns

20.03.18|Meir Orbach and Keren-Or Grinberg
Rami Beracha, former partner at venture capital firm Pitango, is the first Israeli tech executive to make headlines in Israel in connection with sexual misconduct allegations since the popular rise of the #MeToo campaign
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Code-Free Application Development Startups Merge

10.09.17|Amarelle Wenkert
Web application development startup Pendo acquires Insert, a mobile engagement platform