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חנייה קורקינטים חשמליים קורקינט ליים תל אביב

New Regulations Restricting Micro-Mobility Companies Come Into Force in Tel Aviv

01.08.19|Tomer Hadar
The main restrictions imposed by the new regulations refer to where and how shared-bikes and e-scooters are allowed to be parked, placing full responsibility on the operating company and not on users
קורקינטיים קורקינטיים קורקינטים קורקינט חשמלקורקינט חשמלי שיתופיים של בירד ב שדרות רוטשילד תל אביב

Scooter-Sharing Companies Don’t Make Money, They Grow

21.06.19|Sophie Shulman
One thing remains unclear when it comes to micro-mobility services—with their relatively high expenses and low revenues, can they one day become profitable?
אופניים שיתופיים ofo אופו מימין ראש עיריית רמת גן ישראל זינגר מנכ"ל ofo ישראל

Ofo Bikes Used Over 1,000 Times a Day in This Israeli Town

28.06.18|Tomer Hadar and Tofi Stoler
In April, the Beijing-based bike sharing company launched two pilot programs in Israel—one in Ramat Gan, a town in the Tel Aviv area, and one at a research university campus, which was canceled earlier this week
רענן כהן ברינג bringg

2018 Will See Ceaseless Change in Delivery Logistics

23.01.18|Raanan Cohen
Some of the trends impacting delivery logistics in 2018 will be real-time visibility, big data, the sharing economy