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What's behind Israel’s high-tech paradox, and who raised funding for blockchain data management?

Also on our AI-native show: AR laptop developer lays off a third of its employees
הלפטופ של סייטפול

AR laptop developer Sightful laying off a third of its employees

01.07.24|Sophie Shulman
After raising over $60 million, and a month after unveiling the Spacetop G1, the Israeli startup is parting ways with 20 of around 60 employees, announcing that it is shifting its focus from hardware distribution to software distribution
Sightful plane

Sightful unveils latest screenless laptop. Is spatial computing finally a reality?

30.05.24|James Spiro
The startup’s Spacetop G1 device offers a 100-inch AR workspace that helps boost productivity for on-the-go workers
מחשב spacetop

Looking good: Israeli startup Sightful takes on Apple in AR glasses race

07.06.23|Itai Smuskowitz
Sightful's Spacetop, a laptop with no physical screen that comes instead with augmented reality (AR) glasses, is being sold for $2,000, far cheaper than the $3,500 Apple is asking for Vision Pro. Calcalist shares a first look at the Israeli company's technology
הלפטופ של סייטפול

Israel's Sightful reveals its revolutionary AR laptop Spacetop

18.05.23|Sophie Shulman
The startup's new laptop has no physical screen and comes instead with augmented reality (AR) glasses