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Wevo Energy

SolarEdge acquires Israeli EV charging management startup Wevo Energy

Wevo is a software startup specializing in EV charging optimization and management for sites with large quantities of EV chargers such as apartment buildings, workplace carparks and public charging locations
סולאראדג' חוגגת הנפקה בנאסד"ק

SolarEdge slump continues after disappointingly low forecast, widening loss

21.02.24|Adiel Eithan Mustaki
The renewable energy company is forecasting revenues in the range of $175-215 million this quarter, significantly below analysts' expectations, which were at $374 million. Net loss widened to $162.4 million in Q4 of 2023
מנכ"ל סולאראדג' צבי לנדאו

Shadow of uncertainty still lingering over SolarEdge despite huge cutbacks

22.01.24| Adiel Eithan Mustaki and Almog Azar
Sources close to the company reveal that SolarEdge had formulated a work plan based on quarterly revenues ranging between $600-700 million. More layoffs could be coming should the company continue to fall short of its target
מנכ"ל סולאראדג' צבי לנדאו

SolarEdge to embark on massive layoffs, cutting 900 jobs amid sharp drop in revenue

21.01.24|Almog Azar
The renewable energy company, which has seen its valuation fall by 80%, is expecting its revenues in the fourth quarter of 2023 to be 55% lower than the third quarter, which were themselves 27% less than the second quarter
 הנפקה ב נאסדק solar edge סולאראדג'

SolarEdge shares surge over 35% on expectations for interest rate cuts

17.12.23|Adiel Eithan Mustaki
From the beginning of 2023 until the Fed's announcement last week, the renewable energy company had lost more than $11 billion of its market cap, accounting for about 70% of its total value
מוסף שבועי 18.2.21 ציבי לנדו מנכ"ל סולאראדג

SolarEdge slides out of S&P 500 after losing over 70% of value this year

03.12.23|Adiel Eithan Mustaki
The renewable energy company will relinquish its spot in the prestigious index after losing around $15 billion of its market cap in 2023
מנכ"ל סולאראדג' צבי לנדאו

Power failure: Why did SolarEdge’s value plummet by $11 billion in a year?

06.09.23|Adiel Eithan Mustaki
The renewable energy company, the first Israeli company to enter the S&P 500 index, traded at its peak with a value of $20 billion. Since the beginning of the year, however, the stock has fallen by 43% while the S&P 500 has risen by 18%
מוסף שבועי 18.3.21 ליאור הנדלסמן מנכ"ל קרן גרוב

“Think twice about whose money you take”: 21 tips for aspiring unicorns

19.03.21|Sophie Shulman
Lior Handelsman took part in turning SolarEdge into a $15 billion company and offers some advice for ambitious entrepreneurs
מוסף שבועי 18.2.21 ציבי לנדו מנכ"ל סולאראדג

The man charged with keeping SolarEdge’s current flowing

20.02.21|Diana Bahur Nir
In his first interview, CEO Zvi Lando talks about becoming the highest valued Israeli company, and the loss of his friend and former boss
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2020 BCG Tech Challenges Report highlights Israeli startups among emerging markets

17.11.20|James Spiro
Citing 100 ‘emerging-market tech challengers’ the report highlights nine from Israel, second only to China
Lior Handelsman

Grove Venture Partners adds Lior Handelsman as Partner

20.07.20|James Spiro
The appointment makes Handelsman the second partner in the tech fund who has established a billion-dollar company in Israel
מנכ"ל ויו"ר סולאראדג' גיא סלע ז"ל

Former SolarEdge Advisor Sues Company for $7.3 Million Over Stock Options Agreement With Deceased Founder

20.12.19|Ori Gal-Or
Entrepreneur Izik Kirshenbaum alleges that SolarEdge has denied him stock options he was given as one of the company's first advisors. Now, he is suing the company and the widow of founder Guy Sella
מנכ"ל ויו"ר סולאראדג' גיא סלע ז"ל

SolarEdge CEO and Founder Takes Leave of Absence

22.08.19|Tzally Greenberg
Earlier this week, the company announced the appointment of Team8 CEO Nadav Zafrir as Chairman
נדב צפריר מייסד ומנכ"ל Team8 ועידת ניו יורק 2019

SolarEdge Appoints Team8 CEO Nadav Zafrir as Co-Chairman

18.08.19|Hagar Ravet
Zafrir is the CEO of Israeli cybersecurity think tank and startup foundry Team8, which works to establish, staff, and fund cybersecurity companies
Temi רובוט עוזר אישי של חברת Roboteam

Foresight, Temi, SolarEdge Shine at 2019 Edison Awards

08.04.19|Lilach Baumer
Named after Thomas Edison and held by nonprofit organization Edison Universe, the Edison Awards are held annually with the intention of fostering technological innovation
פאנל סולארי אנרגיה מתחדשת

SolarEdge Buys Industrial Machinery Firm SMRE as Part of Electric Vehicle Push

07.01.19|Amarelle Wenkert
SolarEdge will initially acquire 51% of Italian SMRE’s outstanding shares for approximately $77 million
עצמאות סטארטאפים סולראדג solaredge

Nasdaq-Listed SolarEdge to Acquire South Korean Battery Company Kokam

Following the acquisition, SolarEdge will own a stake of approximately 75% in Kokam valued at approximately $88 million
פאנל סולארי אנרגיה מתחדשת

SolarEdge Extends Patents Lawsuit Against Huawei

01.08.18|Amarelle Wenkert
The solar energy company has a pending lawsuit in Germany against the Chinese telecommunications company and a German distributor
מנכ"ל ויו"ר סולאראדג' גיא סלע ז"ל

SolarEdge Completes Assets Acquisition of UPS Company Gamatronic

The companies announced the deal, valued at around $11.5 million, in May
נטע ברזילי אירוויזיון 2018 אוהדים מניפים דגל ישראל

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Homegrown content distribution company boosted the Israeli song ahead of Eurovision final. Synchrony to acquire gifting company Loop Commerce.