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SVB סיליקון ואלי בנק קליפורניה 13.3.23

61% of founders considering moving to more ‘stable’ banks following SVB collapse

19.03.23|James Spiro
Most startup founders impacted by the SVB collapse don’t see their trust in the financial ecosystem easily repaired
Anna Moshe

Fundraising replaces hiring as most pressing startup challenge, says report

According to a report by data sharing platform Startup Snapshot, 74% of founders are reporting that they are worried about their ability to raise their next round of funding
יעל בנימין Startup Snapshot

Startup boards lack transparency, women, survey shows

Over 300 Israeli startups and investors took part in the Startup Snapshot report, highlighting rising board expectations that CEOs are struggling to manage
יעל בנימין נמרוד ורומן

Are we reliving the past? Term sheet déjà vu

30.05.21|Yael Benjamin and Nimrod Vromen
To negotiate attractive financial terms, startups must leverage lessons learned from previous financial events, including the dotcom bubble and 2008 global crisis