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מודיעין צה"ל מיחשוב 8200

Unit 8200 Commander Attacks Cybersecurity Startup That Tried to Poach Soldiers

30.12.19|Hagar Ravet
An Israeli cybersecurity startup paid to put up recruitment ads on billboards strategically located just outside Unit 8200’s headquarters in central Israel, infuriating the unit’s commander
עובדים בחברת גט Gett

In Israel, Tech Companies Take a Greater Piece of the Workforce Pie

27.08.19|Adi Pick
Tech employees accounted for 8.7% of the national workforce in 2018, up from 8.3% the year before, according to new report
הדוגמנית קרלי קלוס היא פרזנטורית של ויקס

Wix Chairman Says Tech Giants Are After Wix Employees, According to Report

In an interview published last week by Forbes, venture capitalist Mark Tluszcz said Silicon Valley giants’ habit of poaching local startup employees has become a problem
שיעור ביולוגיה ימית ב בית ספר רמה ב רמת השרון

School-Age Education May Offer Best Hope for Israel’s Tech Talent Crunch, Says Report

05.06.19|Lilach Baumer
Israel’s tech industry is already tapping most of Israel’s existing highly skilled workers, casting doubt on the viability of various incentive programs intended to draw more people to the sector, according to a new report by the Taub Institute for Social Policy Studies
עבודה עובדים בזק

Demand for Tech Workers in Israel Down in 2018, According to New Report

30.12.18|Meir Orbach
A new report by Israel-based human resource management firm Ethosia lists declining markets and the looming China-U.S. trade war as the reason for a 6% drop in the number of new jobs
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CTech’s Monday Israeli Tech News Roundup

Israel wants to lure U.S. scientists with $100 thousand grants. Barclays ends partnership with Ness Technologies
תומר טגרין תגרין מנכ"ל yotpo

One Israeli Startup Reveals the Numbers Behind The Country’s Tech Talent Crunch

12.01.18|Maayan Manela
Marketing startup Yotpo spent nearly $15 million on recruitment efforts in 2017, same as it did on R&D, according to CEO