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תום ליבנה מייסד ויו"ר ורביט

Tom Livne stepping down as Verbit CEO, will serve as Chairman, focus on VC

04.02.24|Mair Orbach
Livne will join Yaniv Jacobi’s Oryzn Capital after being a limited partner in its second and third funds
Tom Livne

Transcription unicorn Verbit searching for new CEO to replace Tom Livne

28.01.24|Meir Orbach
The company's revenues have plateaued around $80 million over the past year, with no visible signs of significant growth on the horizon. The company and Livne are in agreement that a new CEO is needed to lead Verbit to the next phase
Tom Livne

"We're about to see the destruction of our home. We can’t afford to allow this to happen"

15.03.23|Tom Livne
In an exclusive column for CTech, Tom Livne, founder of Verbit, shares his personal thoughts on the turmoil in Israel and why it’s not too late to rectify the situation
תום ליבנה מנכ"ל ורביט Verbit

“Investors were our advisors, mentors, and psychologists”

07.12.21|Maayan Manela
Verbit founder and CEO Tom Livne spoke at Calcalist’s Roadshow event about the advantages and challenges of working with investors. “They have invested in many companies and can be partners in success”