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Ctech Gaming conference Eitan Reisel וידאו

“I have been an investor through the pandemic and now through a recession”

18.12.22|James Spiro
Eitan Reisel, Founder and Managing Partner at vgames, describes his investment journey through two global events
מחשב גיימינג

“Game over” or “Play on”? What does the future hold for Israeli game makers

22.06.22|Irad Atzmon-Schmayer
The value of the global mobile games market is weakening for the first time and the Israeli high-tech bubble has burst, so should game makers in Israel be apprehensive?
משחק מובייל גיימינג סלולרי נייד

Game on: How Turkey has become a mobile gaming powerhouse

22.06.22|Irad Atzmon-Schmayer
In the shadow of a shattered economy, Turkey has become a hyper-casual gaming incubator, attracting international venture capital funds and exporting gaming companies that are sold at lofty valuations
איתן רייסל Eitan Reisel gateways stampa

Eitan Reisel: From Googler to Gamer

Israel's gaming sector inspired Reisel to become the Founder and Managing Partner of VGames - the country's first venture fund dedicated to gaming studios