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בורסה וול סטריט שור סופה שלג ניו יורק

Tech titans line up: The leading companies ready for blockbuster IPOs in 2024

06.12.23|Sophie Shulman
2023 was a particularly weak year in terms of IPOs, with only 148 new companies arriving on Wall Street. But the market estimates that 2024 will see a recovery in the field and that huge IPOs are coming. There are also Israeli companies among the candidates to join the club

Israeli tech stocks on Wall Street manage to avoid impact from Hamas war

12.11.23|Sophie Shulman
The sweeping decline in tech stocks following the October 7 attack has been halted, with some Israeli companies reporting better performance than before the war began.
Innoviz executives

Innoviz raises $65 million on Wall Street at deep discount

10.08.23|Sophie Shulman
The LiDAR developer’s worrying rate of cash burn prompted the decision to raise funds at a 20% discount compared to the stock price on the eve of the announcement
ג'נסן הואנג מייסד ו מנכ"ל אנבידיה קעקוע

The great AI gold rush: Are tech stocks riding a wave or heading for a crash?

06.06.23|Yarden Rozanski
Market dominance or risky speculation? Evaluating the technology sector's soaring stocks
וול סטריט

The SPACtivism Era: Why Wall Street wolves are collecting shares in young high-tech companies

22.12.22|Sophie Shulman
Seasoned Wall Street traders are taking advantage of companies issued through SPACs, looking to make easy profits from mostly small and inexperienced tech companies
וול סטריט ניו יורק

2022 crisis has a long way to go until it reaches 2008 levels

13.10.22|Sophie Shulman
There is a sense of the perfect storm brewing this week with the publication of important macro data, including the rate of inflation in the U.S., and the beginning of the financial report season that will reveal the real state of the economy and consumer mood
הנהלת  מאנדיי קום  MONDAY COM

Newly IPO’d Israeli tech companies lost over 50% of value in first three quarters of 2022

03.10.22|Yarden Rozanski
The market cap of the 21 Israeli tech firms that went public on Wall Street in 2021 dropped from $70 billion to $32 billion over the first nine months of the year
אריאל כהן ואילן טוויג מייסדי TripActions טריפאקשנס כנס פינטק  וידאו

TripActions reportedly targeting IPO at $12 billion valuation

"We are not far from an IPO, we believe that something very big can be built here, something like Amazon but for business travel,” TripActions CEO and co-founder Ariel Cohen told Calcalist last October
וול סטריט ניו יורק

Hitting the wall: Wall Street's IPO market suffering its worst year since 2009

25.08.22|Noam Landman
From a record year to a down year - hundreds of private companies are afraid of going public and receiving a low valuation. Only $5.1 billion has been raised to date compared to $100 billion at the same stage last year
שלומי ברטוב מנכ"ל פאהן קנה

Software and security expected to drive the IPO market in 2022

14.02.22|Yarden Rozanski
With the expectations of rising interest rates to fend off inflation, experts believe that what unfolded in 2021 will not repeat itself again this year
מימין יואל בר אל דרור פלדהיים חברת  Trax טראקס טרקס

Retail analytics Unicorn Trax targeting $3-3.5 billion Nasdaq IPO

08.02.22|Golan Hazani
Trax has been preparing for an IPO for over a year, securing $640 million in a Series E financing round in April of 2021
מייסדי סייבריזן מימין יוסי נער ליאור דיב יונתן שטרים-עמית cybereason סטארטאפים מבטיחים

Cybereason targeting Wall Street IPO at over $5 billion valuation

01.02.22|Reuters and CTech
Cybereason, which was founded in 2012 by three Israeli partners, Lior Div, Yonatan Striem-Amit and Yossi Naar, was valued at roughly $3 billion when it raised $275 million from investors last year
אלחנדרו פנה מנכ"ל כתר העולמית משרדי כתר פלסטיק ב קנדה

Keter Plastic IPO suffers another blow as losses grow

14.12.21|Golan Hazani
The Israeli manufacturer and marketer of resin-based household and garden consumer products postponed its Wall Street IPO last month due to negative market sentiment and has now reported a loss of 35 million euros in the third quarter of 2021
פלייטיקה בהנפקת נאסדק

Wall Street reality pushing Israel's tech unicorns back into private stables

04.11.21|Sophie Shulman
The numerous Israeli companies to go public over the past year have discovered that the public market is far less forgiving than the private one, and their drop in valuation has also served as a warning sign to other unicorns
הנפקת היפו משמאל המנכ"ל אסף וונד CFO סטיוארט אליס

Israeli unicorns paying painful price for SPAC fine print

05.09.21|Sophie Shulman
Seven of the nine Israeli companies to have completed a SPAC merger to date are trading at a lower valuation than that with which they entered Wall Street
2 ערן זימנן ו רועי מן מנכ"לים משותפים מאנדיי monday.com

Monday.com surges on back of results, Global-e enters $10 billion club

18.08.21|Sophie Shulman
Three Israeli companies with a combined value of $25 billion reported total annual income of $780 million and double-figure growth
אסף וונד מנכ"ל היפו hippo

Hippo loses $192 million in funding right before SPAC merger, keeps $5 billion valuation

03.08.21|Sophie Shulman
The insurtech company, which begins trading on Wall Street Tuesday, lost a third of the capital it was planned to receive from Linkedin and Zynga founders’ SPAC as investors withdrew funds
בכירי קלטורה

Kaltura finally hits Wall Street, raising $150 million at a reduced valuation of $1.3 billion

21.07.21|Sophie Shulman
Israeli-founded video creation and distribution company will begin trading on Nasdaq on Wednesday after postponing IPO at $2 billion valuation back in March due to insufficient demand