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מימין קרלוס אלוורז פול זפף פאנל כנס ספאק

The surge in SPACs can be attributed to the high quality of sponsors in the scene, says UBS executive

American finance specialists share with Israeli entrepreneurs their insights on the alternative path to Wall Street that has recently gained steam
אילן לוין דירקטור ב סטרטסיס

SPAC headed by former Stratasys CEO raises $100 million

17.02.21|Sophie Shulman
Moringa Acquisition, Israel’s second SPAC, aims to merge with an early stage tech company
אייל שנער מנכ"ל Fundbox

Fundbox targeting $300 million raise at a $1.5 billion valuation via Wall Street SPAC

17.02.21|Sophie Shulman
The fintech company that blossomed during the Covid-19 crisis is in talks with a shelf company to join the growing list of Israeli firms going down the SPAC route
פיטר טוכמן סוחר ברצפת המסחר של בורסת ניו יורק וול סטריט

Breaking down the inner workings of SPACs

11.02.21|Sophie Shulman
Want to raise $1 billion according to a $2.5 billion valuation? Go ahead. When it comes to SPAC mergers almost everything is on the table
Gilad Gat Uri Gruenbaum Tipranks

Gen-Xers, not Millennials were the main drivers of Wall Street frenzy, TipRanks data reveals

According to figures compiled by the trade analysis platform investors aged 35-55 are the largest holders of GME and AMC stock
סניף של גיים סטופ גיימסטופ בניו יורק

New kids on the block displacing Wall Street old timers as social media influence grows

26.01.21|Sophie Shulman
Young investors, with their growing volume in trading, especially in tech and cleantech shares, are approaching a critical mass and are beginning to disrupt the old order
מלמעלה: מייסדי למונייד שי וינינגר ו דניאל שרייבר

Is Lemonade really worth $10 billion? Depends on who you ask

14.01.21|Sophie Shulman
The Israeli founded online insurance company shares some striking similarities with auto market disruptor Tesla, but not when it comes to the bottom line
וול סטריט NYSE בורסת ניו יורק קורונה

Israeli tech companies pouncing on free Wall Street money

19.10.20|Sophie Shulman
Since August, Israeli tech firms Wix, Nice, SolarEdge and Nova have raised $2 billion in convertible notes
נאסד"ק וול סטריט

Wall Street’s investment frenzy is not over, it is just shifting its focus

06.09.20|Sophie Shulman
With the U.S. presidential election right around the corner, President Trump will not let the U.S. stock markets crash, but his administration is likely to pay more attention to sectors that have been severely affected by the Covid-19 crisis
בורסה הבורסה לניירות ערך ירידות שערים קורונה וירוס 1

Will the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange’s dreams of unicorns backfire?

17.08.20|Sophie Shulman
The new TASE UP platform is meant to finally allow most Israelis to trade in local startups, but there are question marks abound
אייל איל ולדמן נשיא מנכ"ל ומייסד מלאנוקס

Starboard Attempting to Replace Mellanox’s Entire Board

18.01.18|Asaf Shalev
The activist investor dispatched a letter to Mellanox’s shareholders announcing a fight to switch out all nine members of the board in order bring the company to greater profitability
קטרינה לייק סטיטצ' פיקס

How Much is Stitch Fix Worth?

02.11.17|Assaf Gilad
A case study valuating pre-IPO companies