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Yael Shafrir

How to win the education tech crisis? Empowering teachers is the path to triumph

24.03.24|Yael Shafrir
As the education system crashes inward, its approach to technology won't salvage it. Can the education system take the lead in technology? Is success possible? And why is it crucial to empower teachers now?
Yael Shafrir

Empowering Generation Z and Alpha with AI: Skills for the digital age

20.08.23|Yael Shafrir
What's the connection between AI's dominance over our economy, our shaky futures, and reshaping the education landscape?
 יעל שפריר

Embracing the challenge: Are we prepared for the next school disruption?

28.05.23|Yael Shafrir
Whether it’s a strike, a military operation or a climate event - the sad truth is that we are underprepared and our kids are going to pay the price. How can we make it better for them?
יעל שפריר

Socio-emotional learning - why is it important, and how do you do it?

17.10.21|Yael Shafrir
To prepare Generation Z for dealing with the world, one needs to understand the reality in which they live. What is going on there, and how can it be helped? And what does that have to do with an oxygen mask on the plane?