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Boaz Feinberg

The Angels Law 2.0 – A real incentive or mission impossible?

24.08.23|Boaz Feinberg
The new law is intended to increase investment incentives in Israeli startups and established companies by corporations, but sets conditions that are not always easy to meet
Daniel Damboritz Yigal Arnon

Is there any real justification for the current gloomy tech market?

15.09.22|Daniel Damboritz
“Innovation is not going to stop. It might be slowing down a little, but no one can imagine a world without these technological advancements,” writes Daniel Damboritz, High Tech Partner at Yigal Arnon - Tadmor Levy law firm
Nimrod Vroman Nicole Priel Gal GItter Ariel Maislos Delia Pekelman

“With rising ego came a rising value, and soon ‘hype’ became the essence of everything in high-tech”

Ariel Maislos, the entrepreneur who sold Anobit to Apple for $400 million in 2012, was speaking at "The New Normal in the High-Tech Landscape" conference held at Ibex Investors’ offices
מימין אלי ספרונג נמרוד ורומן קובי בן שטרית ירון רומם משרד עורכי דין יגאל ארנון

Yigal Arnon - Tadmor Levy: Tech ecosystem should brace for difficult times

The firm is one of the top Israeli law firms participating in CTech’s Most Important Gateways to Israeli Tech series