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יואב שטרן מנכ"ל ננו דיימנשן

CEO fails to takeover Nano Dimension and its $1.2 billion in cash

15.12.22|Yarden Rozanski
The shareholders of the industrial 3D printing company did not approve the repricing of Yoav Stern's options, which would have put them in the money and allowed him to become the largest shareholder in the company
יואב שטרן מנכ"ל ננו דיימנשן

Nano Dimension CEO targeting takeover of company and its $1.2 billion in cash

28.11.22|Sophie Shulman
Yoav Stern, CEO and Chairman of Nano Dimension, wants to reprice his options so they will immediately go into the money and see him claim 10% of the company, currently traded at a value of only $633 million despite having $1.2 billion in cash