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שבוע הסטארטאפים של גוגל יום 3 פאנל גלי שחר אפרת, פרופ' יוסי מטיאס, אמנון מרחב

"AI makes it possible to solve problems that seemed impossible a few years ago"

15.02.24|Maayan Manela
Prof. Yossi Matias, VP at Google and Managing Director of Google's R&D center in Israel, spoke on a panel with Gali Shahar Efrat, General Manager of the Google and Reichmann Tech School at Reichmann University, and Amnon Merhav, Director General of the Ministry of Economy
ועידת Tech TLV - יוסי מטיאס סגן נשיא בגוגל העולמית ומנכ״ל מרכז המחקר והפיתוח של גוגל בישראל

Google VP: "We can predict natural disasters before they occur"

30.11.22|Almog Azar
"Artificial intelligence has undergone a revolution in recent years, this is not an exaggeration," said Yossi Matias, VP at Google and Managing Director of Google's R&D center in Israel
The Founding members

Google and Reichman University to establish school of high-tech

Courses will include core academic studies, combined with up-to-date professional training in the industry. Underrepresented populations will have an equal opportunity to join the program regardless of their financial ability to pay for the course
Ctech Unistream Venture Event of the Year Yossi Mattias וידאו

“Youngsters are the future, so anyway we can help them would be great”

24.07.22|Noa Gadot
Yossi Matias, VP at Google and Head of Israel's R&D Center, talked about the various ways of supporting youth during Unistream’s ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ event
גוגל קמפוס רחוב האומנים 12

Google’s Israel-Developed New Feature Reads Out Entire Webpages

05.03.20|Raphael Kahan
The new Google app, developed in Israel, can read long texts from websites and apps using a human-like voice
יוסי מטיאס פרופסור מנכל ב גוגל ישראל

Google’s Go Can Now Read Web Content Out Loud, Thanks to New AI Technology

The technology powering Google’s lightweight search app was partially developed at the company’s Israel research and development center