Who were the investors that benefited from MyHeritage’s $600 million sale and what's so special about Rafael's new missile?

CTech Daily Roundup: Moderna’s resigning CMO says he achieved what he cared about

CTech 22:4825.02.21
Moderna’s resigning CMO says he achieved what he cared about. Tal Zaks: I never imagined that I’d develop a vaccine for the worst pandemic of our times. Read more


These are the big names that benefited from MyHeritage’s $600 million sale. Some of the Israeli investment scene’s major players will take home handsome portions of the acquisition by Francisco Partners. Read more


Rafael I-Derby ER. Photo: Rafael Rafael I-Derby ER. Photo: Rafael


Medisafe raises $30 million in Series C led by pharma giant Sanofi. The company expanded its platform in 2020 with the launch of Medisafe Care Connector, which digitally connects patients and doctors. Read more


Rafael announces successful tests of I-Derby ER electromagnetic air-to-air missiles. Rafael’s I-Derby ER missile has a dual-pulse rocket motor and an active radar seeker, providing combat aircraft with performance advantages both at short ranges or beyond visual range. Read more


Moderna CMO suggests Israel is on its radar for new vaccine production facility. Tal Zaks says the drugmaker has already produced a booster shot to counter the South African variant, says his mom in Israel received the competition’s vaccine. Read more


HR Post Covid | Our employees take initiative professionally and personally, says HP Indigo. Even though employees work from home, it doesn’t stop all 2,500 of them find a sense of satisfaction in their communities, says HP Indigo’s HR Israel Country Manager. Read more


Round B | A CEO for all seasons. Shaul Olmert weighs the pros and cons of startup founders sticking around as long-term CEOs. Read more


Intel’s Uri Frank leaves the company weeks after being promoted. Company thanks him for more than 20 years of service; associates say he received a lucrative offer elsewhere. Read more


Appointments | Decama Capital Ltd. appoints Professor Lior Elbaz as Chief Development Officer. The appointment comes at a time when the Israeli investment company explores opportunities in renewable energy. Read more