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איסוף תרומות ו ציוד ל תושבי עוטף עזה ב תל אביב

Crypto Aid Israel raises over $185,000 to support Israel amid Gaza War

The cryptocurrency collected was converted into shekels through a financial route established in collaboration with local banks
Shiran Mlamdovsky-Somech

Generative AI called up for duty

19.10.23|Shiran Mlamdovsky Somech
“The innovative technology enables the creation of content that evokes involvement, raises awareness, and even generates empathy and personal experience,” writes Shiran Mlamdovsky Somech
סונדאר פיצ'אי מנכ"ל גוגל

Google pledges $8 million in grants to nonprofits “providing relief to civilians affected in Israel and Gaza”

19.10.23|Omer Kabir
“Our Jewish Googlers around the world are reeling from these attacks — which bring painful reminders of the worst moments in history — and are experiencing a rise in antisemitic incidents that call for increased security at synagogues and schools,” wrote Google CEO Sundar Pichai
Tomer Michelle Amit ICF

Entrepreneurs launch Israeli Children’s Fund, expected to raise $100m for children affected by the 7/10 tragedy

16.10.23|James Spiro
“These children represent our collective future and we are committed to doing everything in our power to help them overcome and thrive,” said Amit Rosenzweig, one of the figures behind the project
חמאס פורץ את הגדר בגבול עזה בשבת. "הגדר נבנתה תחת תצפיות חמאס שראה כל פעולה ובחן לאיזה עומק מורידים את המכשול בתוך הקרקע"

Digital Iron Dome - Israeli developers combine forces with major platforms to combat toxic posts

Through, any user can now report toxic content with a single click, combating efforts to undermine Israel's defensive measures
רחפן רחפנים DRONE

AI proving pivotal for online warfare against Hamas

15.10.23|James Spiro
Technology that helps spot misinformation and identify missing loved ones has proven more useful against Hamas than as a tool for weaponry
מצלמה נסתרת מלון סודות החופשה 3

Israel's cyber authorities warn home-camera owners against potential hacking by terrorists

The Israeli National Cyber Directorate has urged citizens to take precautions regarding their home security cameras amidst concerns of potential hacking by hostile entities
אפליקציית ניווט ווייז גוגל Waze

GPS jamming disrupts location applications for Israeli mobile users

National Cyber Directorate: "GPS jamming is actively employed for various security needs. Citizens should be aware that activating jamming can lead to temporary disruptions in location-based applications"
חיילים בבית הרוס בקיבוץ בארי מלחמה בעזה חרבות ברזל

Telegram CEO insists he will not take down Hamas horrors

Pavel Durov even went as far as making the ridiculous claim that Hamas should be allowed to continue to post on Telegram as it uses the platform to warn Israelis ahead of attacks
Tesla bullets

How a Tesla saved an Israeli driver's life from the murderous Hamas attack

"They aimed at the front, hoping to damage a non-existent engine, and at the rear, attempting to ignite a fuel tank that wasn't present," recounted an Israeli survivor from Hamas' attack last weekend
מתקפת סייבר רוסיה

Israeli cyber community unites to bolster cybersecurity defenses amidst Gaza war

Israeli information security professionals are banding together to provide free cybersecurity services to Israeli companies amid a spike in hacktivist activity sparked by the war in Gaza
מלחמת עזה מיקום שטח ה מסיבה סופר נובה 10.10.23

Words of Iron: Combating propaganda and documenting the brutality of Hamas’ crimes

12.10.23|Ariela Karmel
Software engineer Shaked Lokits launched an initiative called ‘Words of Iron’ to collect evidence of Hamas' crimes and counter misinformation
מלחמת עזה איסוף תרומות מפוני עוטף עזה כיכר דיזמגוף תל אביב מבצע חרבות ברזל

Israeli tech companies rally to support IDF soldiers and victims of Hamas terror

Mobileye will donate NIS 5 million to non-profit institutions that help the residents of the south, Israel's Economic Leaders Forum raised NIS 28 million from about 250 companies, and Bank Hapoalim is establishing a loan fund of NIS 750 million with no interest
הקפאת חשבונות חמאס בחול ויקי אוסלנדר וידאו

Digital Frontline: How Hamas leveraged cryptocurrencies for fundraising

12.10.23|Viki Auslender
An exploration of Hamas' transition to cryptocurrencies in response to financial sanctions
מימין: מנכ"ל מיקרוסופט סאטיה נדאלה, מנכ"ל גוגל סונדאר פיצ'אי ואדי קיו, סגן נשיא בכיר לשירותים של אפל

Google and Microsoft CEOs come out in support of Israel

“Heartbroken by the horrific terrorist attacks on Israel and the escalating conflict,” wrote Microsoft’s Satya Nadella. “Google has 2 offices and over 2,000 employees in Israel. It’s unimaginable what they’re experiencing,” wrote Google’s Sundar Pichai
A cyberattack on Israeli organizations

Hacktivist groups have started attacking Israeli press

11.10.23|James Spiro, and Reuters
News sites have been victims of attacks that attempt to undermine Israel’s credibility or halt reporting of Hamas’ crimes entirely.
חיילי צה"ל משתמשים ברחפן לזיהוי מטרה

Tech-driven defense fails to prevent Hamas' Gaza onslaught

10.10.23|Viki Auslender
The gap between what we thought we knew about the spectacular technological capabilities of the Israeli security system and the collapse of the defense mechanisms on Saturday, were no coincidence. Technology sometimes actually reduces strategic thinking
איסוף תרומות ו ציוד ל תושבי עוטף עזה ב תל אביב

Global tech giants stand with Israel: Companies and funds offer support and donations

10.10.23|Omer Kabir, Meir Orbach, Lital Samet
Foreign tech giants and venture capital funds have expressed solidarity with Israel following murderous Hamas attack
צה"ל חיילים ב טנק בדרך ליישובי עוטף עזה

Tech industry mobilizes: Israeli startups reevaluate operations amidst reserve call-up

Many senior executives, including founders, in Israeli and foreign startup companies have been called up for IDF reserve service, severely harming companies relying on young workers