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כנס פריז - דב קוטלר

Bank Hapoalim CEO: "We have an obligation and responsibility to set an example for the economy"

26.05.24|Irit Avisar
On the opening event of the business delegation to Paris, the CEO of Bank Hapoalim emphasized the duty of the business sector to help the economy when needed. Olympic Committee chair Yael Arad: "The role of athletes is not only to excel but also to represent the country."
כנס פריז יואל אסתרון מו"ל כלכליסט

Come with us to the future of Israel

24.05.24|Yoel Esteron
"Rebuilding Israel will present many opportunities in the near future. Investing in Israel, especially now, is a wise investment that will bear beautiful fruits," said Calcalist Publisher Yoel Esteron at the opening event of the Paris Business Delegation
כנס שוק ההון - פאנל - האם מסתתרות הזדמנויות השקעה בישראל למרות הסיכונים מימין הילה חימי תמיר פרדר רבקה אלגריסי רותי שמחה פורמן וידאו

"We have seen a sharper decline in investments in tech in Israel compared to Europe and the US"

29.02.24|Irit Avisar
"If in 2021 we saw a peak in companies becoming unicorns, this year we will see a return to the sale of companies for tens to hundreds of millions of dollars," added Hila Himi, CEO of Discount Capital
ועידת תחזיות - פרופ ליאו ליידרמן היועץ הכלכלי הראשי בנק הפועלים

Bank Hapoalim Chief Economic Advisor: "Not all policymakers have internalized the great risk of a slowdown in 2024"

28.12.23|Irit Avisar
"Without making fiscal adjustments, there is a high risk that the deficit will reach 6% of GDP," Bank Hapoalim's Chief Economic Advisor Prof. Leo Leiderman said at Calcalist's Forecasts Conference
autodesk team

Autodesk Israel donates and encourages; Grow makes sure the donations reach destination

19.10.23|Tech On Duty in collaboration with Poalim Tech
The high-tech community continues to initiate support for the victims of the terrorist attack on Israel. While many companies donate money, others make use of their unique resources
מלחמת עזה איסוף תרומות מפוני עוטף עזה כיכר דיזמגוף תל אביב מבצע חרבות ברזל

Israeli tech companies rally to support IDF soldiers and victims of Hamas terror

Mobileye will donate NIS 5 million to non-profit institutions that help the residents of the south, Israel's Economic Leaders Forum raised NIS 28 million from about 250 companies, and Bank Hapoalim is establishing a loan fund of NIS 750 million with no interest
The entrepreneurs receive grants from the Bank and Doral Group on the Climate & Energy Track Day

Planning for a Greener Future

07.05.23|Sponsored Content
Bank Hapoalim is in partnership with Doral Energy-Tech Ventures group, supports Israeli climate-tech startups
שגב שילטון מייסד ומנכ''ל החברה יפתח קרזנר מייסד ונשיא החברה

Kissterra raises $10 million from Poalim Equity to improve insurance marketing and distribution

16.05.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup develops a cloud-based operating system for managing the digital marketing and distribution of insurance companies
חברת נימה

Bank Hapoalim to invest $10 million in digital wallet Neema

29.11.21|Golan Hazani
Hapoalim, which cooperates with the fintech company through its Bit app, is in advanced stages to invest at a company valuation of $40-$50 million. In 2020, Discount Bank acquired 15.5% of Neema’s shares at a NIS 28.5 million valuation ($8.95 million)
אסתר פרימן ביטקוין חדש

Bank refuses to deposit pensioner's massive Bitcoin savings

25.11.21|Lital Dobrovitsky
69-year-old Esther Freeman invested around $3,000 in Bitcoin eight years ago, but Israel's Bank Hapoalim is unwilling to accept her 100x profits, claiming there is a "risk of money laundering and terror financing" as she made her initial purchase in cash
גורדי שחקים בניינים דובאי

India, UAE, and Israel announce cooperation to grow trade

19.10.21|Elihay Vidal
The initiative was announced Tuesday in Dubai as part of an event attended by the Beyond Business delegation organized by Bank Hapoalim and the Export Institute
סבח אל בינאלי, ראש אזור המפרץ של פלטפורמת ההשקעות OurCrowd

“Israeli fintech companies have an incredible opportunity for investments in Abu Dhabi”

18.10.21|Elihay Vidal
Sabah al-Binali, head of the Gulf region at OurCrowd, welcomed Israeli investors in a panel on fintech investments held by Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)
Incubators 1-6

An inside look at Israel’s incubator ecosystem

11.08.21|James Spiro
Whereas accelerators aim to speed up the process of a company’s growth, incubators are there from their birth
Israel Invest

How are corporate VCs reshaping the Israeli tech landscape?

23.06.21|James Spiro
We’re all familiar with venture capital firms - but what happens when large corporates check into the game?
עמית דדוש

Amit Dadush to head Bank Hapoalim's Bit Unit

03.06.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
The former communications executive will lead the bank’s money transfer and payment app on the heels of the launching of its new services