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"Mobileye has a vertical grip on the autonomous vehicle market"

16.01.23|Omer Kabir
"When we were at Intel, all our achievements were under the radar, the focus at Intel was chip production, Mobileye's activity did not generate interest," added Mobileye CEO Amnon Shashua
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Mobileye CEO: “We don’t want to be another Uber or Lyft”

08.01.23|Omer Kabir
“We aren’t bleeding money by having to put thousands of cars on the road but working with partners who are experts at this. This allows us to develop a healthy business,” added Amnon Shashua at CES in Las Vegas
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Mobileye announces 38% increase in revenue to $450 million in first report since IPO

07.12.22|Sophie Shulman
The Israeli company's first report since its split from Intel revealed that most of its revenue still comes from assistance and alert systems and not from fully autonomous vehicle systems
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Mobileye shares surge on opening day on Nasdaq, valuation crosses $22 billion

27.10.22|Reuters and CTech
Shares of Intel's Israeli self-driving car unit rose by as much as 40% on Wednesday before falling back slightly
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Mobileye goes public at $16.7 billion valuation

26.10.22|Sophie Shulman and Reuters
Intel's Israeli self-driving car unit, which raised $861 million, was targeting a $50 billion valuation earlier this year before the rout in tech compelled it to stomach a lower valuation
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Mobileye is seeking autonomy from Intel at all costs

19.10.22|Sophie Shulman
Mobileye's IPO will be the largest ever by an Israeli company, yet it is still disappointing as the company will go public at the same value at which it was acquired by Intel 5 years ago, even though revenues have doubled
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Mobileye settles for just $16 billion valuation in Wall Street IPO

18.10.22|CTech and Reuters
Intel's Israeli self-driving car unit was targeting a $50 billion valuation earlier this year before the rout in tech compelled many high-flying companies to stomach haircuts in valuation
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Mobileye closing on IPO after filing for Nasdaq listing

01.10.22|Reuters and CTech
Intel’s Israeli self-driving unit reported first-half revenue of $854 million, a 21% jump from the year-ago period
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Intel cutting $20 billion off Mobileye valuation ahead of delayed IPO

According to Bloomberg, Intel’s Israeli self-driving car unit is set to be valued at around $30 billion when it goes public
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Mobileye IPO set to be postponed

10.07.22|Meir Orbach
The current conditions in the market mean that Intel’s Israeli self-driving car unit is no longer expected to go public in mid-2022 as initially planned
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"I'm not afraid of excess money, but of hedonism. It erodes sharpness."

22.04.22|Diana Bahur Nir
After surviving a helicopter accident, Amnon Shashua explains why genius lies in identifying problems rather than solving them
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Mobileye autonomous taxi service on course for Israel launch this year

12.04.22|James Spiro
The company has recorded a 40-minute video that includes its vehicle completing real-world driving maneuvers at night-time in Jerusalem
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Intel's Mobileye confidentially files for IPO

07.03.22|Meir Orbach
The chip giant announced last December that it planned to take its self-driving-car unit public, a deal which could value the Israeli unit at more than $50 billion
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Mobileye CEO Shashua escapes helicopter crash with light wounds

The serial tech entrepreneur was treated for his wounds at Herzliya Airport after refusing to go to hospital following the helicopter’s crash landing
Mobileye Paris

Mobileye announces first autonomous on-demand service in Paris

16.12.21|James Spiro
Employees from Galeries Lafayette will be able to order a ride to work using the Moovit app four days a week
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Intel planning Mobileye IPO at over $50 billion valuation

07.12.21|Reuters and CTech
The chip giant bought the Israeli company for $15.3 billion in 2017, putting it into direct competition with rivals Nvidia and Qualcomm to develop driverless systems for global automakers
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Mobileye and SIXT to launch new robotaxi service

Autonomous ride-hailing service is expected to begin driverless pilot in Munich in 2022
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Mobileye testing autonomous vehicles in New York City

State permit in hand, Mobileye AVs are getting advanced driving experience across New York City’s congested streets
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The entrepreneur with an eye for autotech unicorns

27.06.21|Hezi Sternlicht
Delek Motors, led by CEO Gil Agmon, has been generating plenty of income from investments over recent years to supplement its handsome profits from being the importer of Mazda, Ford and BMW products to Israel