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Mobileye first quarter revenue falls by almost 50% as clients cut back on spending to clear excess stock

The Israeli company said net loss widened to $218 million in the quarter from $79 million a year ago, weighed down by a slump in sales
גזירת סרט קמפוס מובילאיי מימין רעיית הנשיא מיכל הרצוג כבוד נשיא המדינה מר יצחק הרצוג נשיא ומנכ"ל מובילאיי פרופסור אמנון שעשוע וראש העיר ירושלים משה ליאון

128,000 square meters, a hair salon and a basketball court: Mobileye opens new Jerusalem headquarters

27.03.24|Sophie Shulman
2,700 Mobileye employees in Jerusalem are moving to the company's new campus, which in addition to the usual high-tech perks such as a gym, will also include a convenience store, running track, service points for leasing vehicles, and nursing rooms
Mobileye Car

Volkswagen to integrate Mobileye systems in new Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini and Porsche models

20.03.24|Sophie Shulman
Mobileye will provide technologies for partially and highly automated driving based on its SuperVision and Chauffeur platforms
מימין מנכ"ל אינטל העולמית פט גלסינגר ונשיא ומנכ"ל מובילאיי אמנון שעשוע

Mobileye still searching for light at the end of the tunnel despite layoffs

19.03.24|Sophie Shulman
The autonomous vehicle company laid off 130 people after closing its aftermarket division
מובילאיי אינטל Mobileye

Mobileye closing aftermarket division, laying off 130 employees

18.03.24|Meir Orbach
The unit that provides retrofitted advanced driver assistance technology has seen its revenues decline meaningfully to roughly $40 million on an annual basis, and in recent years has not positively contributed to Mobileye profitability
רכב אוטונומי מובילאיי Mobileye ירושלים

Despite 2024 worries, Mobileye's Q4 success points to resilient future

25.01.24|Sophie Shulman
In the fourth quarter of 2023, revenues grew by 13% compared to the corresponding quarter, reaching $637 million. However the company anticipates a 50% drop in revenues to $230 million in Q1 of 2024 due to the supply glut in the market for driver-assistance chips
אמנון שעשוע Amnon Shashua Mobileye

What's the real reason Mobileye's shares plummeted by 25%?

07.01.24|Sophie Shulman
Was the dramatic drop in the stock of the autonomous vehicle technology company a transient setback or a precursor to graver issues?
Mobileye Car

Mobileye shares crash on forecast for 50% drop in Q1 revenue

04.01.24|CTech and Reuters
The company expects revenue in the first quarter of the year to plummet from a year earlier after discussions with its Tier 1 customers, which include Volkswagen and Porsche, revealed that they have excess inventory
קו רקיע מרכז תל אביב Tel Aviv Business Center

These are Israel's five most valuable tech companies entering 2024

Mobileye, Check Point, Nice,, and CyberArk head the list of the Israeli tech firms with the highest market cap after weathering a stormy 2023, reaching a total value of $83.5 billion
אמנון שעשוע הרס ב קיבוץ בארי מלחמה בעזה חרבות ברזל

Amnon Shashua: We must replace the government now

29.10.23|Amnon Shashua
When leadership fails so resoundingly for such a long period, we must cut our losses and do it quickly. The only solution to the current situation in Israel is to replace the government, and it needs to happen immediately.
מלחמת עזה איסוף תרומות מפוני עוטף עזה כיכר דיזמגוף תל אביב מבצע חרבות ברזל

Israeli tech companies rally to support IDF soldiers and victims of Hamas terror

Mobileye will donate NIS 5 million to non-profit institutions that help the residents of the south, Israel's Economic Leaders Forum raised NIS 28 million from about 250 companies, and Bank Hapoalim is establishing a loan fund of NIS 750 million with no interest
זיו אבירם מייסד שותף מובילאיי ו אורקם

Mobileye co-founder: "I'm ashamed that I didn't know how serious the climate problem is"

24.09.23|Shani Ashkenazi
Ziv Aviram discusses why he decided to establish a climate-tech fund with former US President Bill Clinton
מובילאיי אינטל Mobileye

Intel seizes opportunity, sells Mobileye shares to boost finances amid AI race

06.06.23|Sophie Shulman
Strategic move will generate approximately $1.5 billion and aims to secure funding for advanced chip technology
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Porsche and Mobileye to collaborate on ADAS solutions

Porsche plans to offer in future models automated assistance and navigate-on-pilot functions based on the Mobileye SuperVision technology platform
מובילאיי אינטל Mobileye

Mobileye shares plummet after Israeli company cuts revenue forecast

27.04.23|Sophie Shulman and Reuters
The Israel-based autonomous driving technology maker now expects revenue between $2.07 billion and $2.11 billion in 2023, compared with $2.19 billion and $2.28 billion estimated previously
 אמנון שעשוע מייסד ומנכ"ל מובילאיי

Mobileye closing on $35 billion market cap after doubling its valuation in three months

The Israeli self-driving company recently announced that its forecast for 2023 revenue is higher than analysts' projections and delivered better-than-expected earnings in the fourth quarter
אמנון שעשוע  מ מייסדי מובילאיי ו

"Mobileye has a vertical grip on the autonomous vehicle market"

16.01.23|Omer Kabir
"When we were at Intel, all our achievements were under the radar, the focus at Intel was chip production, Mobileye's activity did not generate interest," added Mobileye CEO Amnon Shashua
הנפקת מובילאיי

Mobileye CEO: “We don’t want to be another Uber or Lyft”

08.01.23|Omer Kabir
“We aren’t bleeding money by having to put thousands of cars on the road but working with partners who are experts at this. This allows us to develop a healthy business,” added Amnon Shashua at CES in Las Vegas