Sari Roth CTalk

Out of the Bubble
Bridging between rabbis and tech corporates

Sari Roth, Kama-Tech VP and Israeli Haredi woman entrepreneur, joined CTech to share how corporate companies are increasingly accommodating of Haredi women

“I think the challenge was to really show and prove that everyone has talent, it doesn't make a difference if it's man or women, Haredi or non-Haredi,” explained Sari Roth, VP of Kama-Tech, an organization that helps educate Haredi women and find them placements in corporate companies in Startup Nation. “The minute we prove to the leading high-tech companies that there is a lot of talent in Bnei Brak, in Jerusalem, they really do whatever we ask for the environment to be respectful of these women.”
Roth argues that since corporates make accommodations for young Technion graduates who might ask for three screens or to bring their dogs in, these same companies will make the effort to help members of the Haredi community also feel included. “Haredi women need different things and it's fine,” she said. “She doesn’t need a Tesla but maybe she wants to sit next to women, and they were fine with it. The challenges are more in the culture gap.”
You can learn more about how companies like Google, Microsoft, and Intel accommodate the Haredi community in the video above.