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Ctech forecasts event Panel Ruth Polachek Liat Weiss-Shahaf Bat Sheva Moshe Moshe Friedman

"We are not looking for charity. We are training the best programmers and bringing them into the high-tech sector"

29.12.22|Noa Gadot
Liat Weiss-Shahaf, VP Strategy and Development at Appleseeds, was speaking on a panel focused on diversity and inclusion, with Ruth Polachek, Founder and CEO at she codes, Moshe Friedman, Co-Founder at KamaTech, and Batsheva Moshe, Chairman at Yozmot Atid and Board Member at Ofanim
Sari Roth CTalk

Bridging between rabbis and tech corporates

14.04.22|James Spiro
Sari Roth, Kama-Tech VP and Israeli Haredi woman entrepreneur, joined CTech to share how corporate companies are increasingly accommodating of Haredi women
Dr. Merav Galili CTalk

Menomadin Foundation: Haredi women “are the future of Israel's Startup Nation.”

14.04.22|James Spiro
Dr. Merav Galili, CEO at Menomadin Foundation, spoke to CTech about investing in the Haredi community
משה פרידמן מייסד עמותת קמא־טק לקידום ההייטק החרדי

"We must build a bridge between hi-tech and the ultra-Orthodox"

16.05.21|Hagar Ravet
"I want an ultra-Orthodox to found the next Waze," says Moshe Friedman, a Litvak Haredi who founded the KamaTech organization and accelerator for entrepreneurs from the ultra-Orthodox community in Israel
Mose Friedman

"I believe 'pivot' is one of the key words in innovation and startups"

KamaTech founder Moshe Friedman talks to Michael Matias about the challenges and opportunities of integrating religious people into the tech sector
מוסף מנהלים 31.12.19 נשים חרדיות במרכז מטריקס במודיעין עילית

Israeli tech sector saw a 52% rise in the number of Haredi Jews employees since 2014, report shows

28.07.20|Hagar Ravet
A new report published by umbrella organization IATI and Haredi nonprofit KamaTech indicates there are still significant gaps in pay and integration rates between Haredi and non-Haredi workers in tech
מימין משה פרידמן מנכ"ל KamaTech נעם ברדין מנכ"ל Waze ועידת ניו יורק 2019

Haredi Startups Are Looking to Disrupt the Israeli Tech Sector

15.04.19|Omer Kabir and Adi Barak
Encouraging ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Jews to enter the tech sector is the only way for Israel to move forward, says Noam Bardin, the Israeli CEO of Waze and a vice president at Google
מוישי פרידמן קמא טק

Silicon Shtetl: These Haredi Startups Are Headed to New York

01.04.19|Naomi Zoref
The startups will take part in Calcalist’s third annual Mind the Tech Conference, taking place in New York next week
עובדות חרדיות תחום הייטק

Western Digital Takes Leap of Faith with Israeli Jewish Ultra-Orthodox Female Coders

07.11.18|Hagar Ravet
A new initiative seeks to get Orthodox coders into high-paying tech jobs. One problem: searching for engineering solutions on a Kosher internet
מוישי פרידמן קמא טק

Coworking Space for Orthodox Jews Opens in Israel

17.04.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Located in Bnei Brak, an ultra-Orthodox suburb of Tel Aviv, Ampersand is set to be “ultra-Orthodox friendly,” while not looking like a yeshiva, founder says
ועידת ניו יורק אביטל בק MilkStrip

Big Data Derived from Breast Milk Could Bring Medical Benefits to Adults, Says Breast Milk Testing Startup CEO

13.03.18|Omer Kabir
Israel-based MilkStrip develops a testing strip that tests the quality and makeup of breast milk using a single drop
ועידת ניו יורק אביטל בק MilkStrip

10 Israeli Startups Founded by Ultra-Orthodox Jews Seeking New York Investors

22.02.18|Omer Kabir
Jewish ultra-orthodox men and women account for 0.3% and 0.4% of technology jobs with above median wages in Israel
מימין יוסי מטיאס משה פרידמן

Companies Join Initiative to Seed Tech in Jewish Orthodox Town

28.09.17|Meir Orbach
A new initiative calls on technology companies to join new offices in Tel Aviv ultra-Orthodox suburb and hire local talent