Amit Ashbel

Qwak appoints Amit Ashbel as VP of Marketing

“Due to Amit's contribution, Qwak will be able to expand its footprint worldwide,” said Co-Founder & CEO Alon Lev

MLOps engineering platform Qwak has announced that it has appointed Amit Ashbel to serve as its VP of Marketing. It is understood that Ashbel’s appointment will help the company with its marketing efforts as well as enhance its position in the market during an expansion into the U.S ecosystem.
“I am overjoyed to have the chance to take part in Qwak's journey,” said Ashbel. “Our four co-founders have a vast amount of experience and a track record of success in the industry, and I feel that this is a critical component that enables us to provide value to our partners from the very beginning of our endeavor. We have an incredible brand and even more incredible technology that actually helps get machine learning driven organizations to outrun their competition and deliver models into production at an unprecedented rate.”

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Amit Qwak
Amit Qwak
Amit Ashbel
Qwak simplifies the deployment and integration of machine learning at scale. It does this by accelerating the processes at companies and helps them manage the models as soon as they are integrated into their products.
Before joining Qwak, Ashbel held roles at Trusteer (acquired by IBM), Checkmarx (acquired by Hellman & Friedman), and most recently Cognigo (acquired by NetApp). He has more than 10 years of experience in product go-to-market strategies and helping establish product narratives.
"I could not be more thrilled that Amit has decided to become a part of our team,” added Qwak’s Co-Founder and CEO Alon Lev. “Together, we will steer the approach that Qwak uses to continuously go to market and will provide even more value to our partners. Due to Amit's contribution, Qwak will be able to expand its footprint worldwide, enabling it to assist a greater number of enterprises in productionizing their machine learning models at scale.”
Qwak was founded in 2021 by Lev, alongside Yuval Fernbach (CTO); Lior Penso (COO), and Ran Romano (VP of Engineering). In February of this year, the company secured a fundraising round of $15 million to help alleviate the bottleneck between development and data science teams. Several large companies already use Qwak’s platform, such as Yotpo, Guesty, Skyline AI, and JLL.