Rocket fire, terrorist infiltrations and chaos.

ISRAEL AT WAR: Over 1300 murdered, dozens of civilians taken hostage, in surprise Hamas attack

Over 1300 Israelis confirmed dead as the IDF declared a state of war alert following the shocking infiltration of hundreds of terrorists from Gaza into Israeli cities and kibbutzim, as thousands of rockets were launched into Israeli territory

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) declared a state of war early Saturday morning following an unprecedented attack by terrorist organizations from Gaza against Israel.
The surprise attack caught the Israeli army off guard and involved the infiltration of dozens of terrorists from Gaza into cities and kibbutzim along the Gaza border, known as the Gaza Envelope. At the same time, hundreds of missiles have been launched into Israeli territory, including Be'er Sheva, the Tel Aviv region and Jerusalem. Hamas has taken responsibility for the attack.
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 מתקפת פתע פגיעה  שיגור רקטה רקטות מתקפה עזה
 מתקפת פתע פגיעה  שיגור רקטה רקטות מתקפה עזה
Rocket fire, terrorist infiltrations and chaos.
(Credit: Reuters/Amir Cohen, Mohammed Abed/AFP)
Rocket sirens were sounded at 6:30 AM in central and southern Israel.
Approximately an hour after the unexpected attack commenced, the IDF announced that terrorists had infiltrated Israel from Gaza, by air via hand gliders and by land with trucks, likely involving the use of old Hamas tunnels.
Hours after the attack began, Palestinian terrorists have continued to roam southern Israeli cities and kibbutzim in shocking scenes, engaging in street fights and shooting civilians with assault rifles and submachine guns. Both the army and police have advised residents of Israeli cities and kibbutzim near Gaza to remain indoors, out of fear that terrorists may attempt to break into homes and take hostages.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday that Israel was at war. "Hamas launched a murderous surprise attack on Israel and its citizens," he said in his first on-the-record reaction released in a post five hours after the Hamas launched a surprise attack.
Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said Hamas made a grave error when it began its war on Israel. "IDF soldiers are fighting terrorists who infiltrated communities wherever they are. Israel will win this war," he said in a post, more than three hours after Hamas launched its surprise attack.
First published: 10:54, 07.10.23