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לוחמים עם מערכת ראיית הלילה

IDF to receive $760 million-worth of much-needed ammunitions from Elbit

21.05.24|Yuval Azulay
Since the war began in October, the Ministry of Defense's defense procurement has totaled over $17 billion, with around $11 billion directed to Israeli companies 
מוסף עצמאות 13.5.24 אור בוקובזה מנכ"ל VENN

The new Zionism

15.05.24|Or Bokobza
Just when we were finally making it in the United States, October 7th came and reminded me where I’m from. I was drafted and I considered leaving Venn to go into politics, but building a global Israeli company is Zionism at its best.
מטוס F35 חמקן

Israeli reliance on US arms under the microscope as Rafah attack looms

06.05.24|Yuval Sade
A report by the Israeli Chief Accountant reveals the dramatic dependence of the country on the United States in the current war.
העבודות להקמת נמל ימי בעזה

An inside look at the Gaza maritime pier being built by the IDF and US military

27.04.24|Yuval Sade
U.S. troops have begun construction of a maritime pier off the coast of Gaza while the IDF is setting up a 67-acre area on land designated for operational purposes and the transit of goods
 מטוס אף 35 חמקן F35 בישראל  35 F-35  f

From nuclear sites to cyber attack: Israel's options in retaliating against Iran

16.04.24|CTech and Ynet
IDF Chief has promised a response to Iran’s attack against Israel. What are Israel’s possibilities?
הקברניט חמאס רקטות כיפת ברזל

Israel on high alert amid fears of Iranian retaliation

The Israeli military halts leave for combat units amid concerns of a possible escalation following the killing of Iranian generals in Damascus, with heightened alertness and deployment of reserves and increased security measures nationwide
חיילים יחידה 669 מפנים פצועים פצוע ב רצועת עזה 31.1.24 מלחמת עזה

Israel turns to AI to deal with PTSD crisis amid Gaza war

18.03.24|Yuval Azoulay
Due to the urgent and unprecedented number of soldiers returning from combat with PTSD and an acute shortage of treatment options, the Ministry of Defense has appealed to companies and academic institutions to develop technologies to support mental health treatment
נתנאל ברויאר מנהל דיגיטל חברת הפודטק רידיפיין מיט חברת נובה עובדים ב הייטק משרדי חברת נובה

How Israeli high-tech companies are adapting to IDF reserve duty demands

03.03.24|Maayan Manela
With the beginning of the war, many high-tech workers were recruited into the IDF reserves, including senior management. Most have returned to the office, but some still continue to serve several days a week in between work
מגזין נשים 2024 תא"ל יעל גרוסמן מפקדת יחידת לוטם היחידה הטכנולוגית מבצעית של צה"ל

"Everyone who deals with security today looks at the field with much more humility"

27.02.24|Yuval Azulay
The commander of the Lotem unit, Brigadier General Yael Grossman, understands that the security reality will occupy Israel for decades to come, and talks about the contribution of the high-tech workers who reported to the unit's reserves on October 7 without being required to
Brigadier General Oren Giber

"The amount of fire directed towards Israeli forces is unlike any previous war. It shows how well-prepared Hamas was"

18.02.24|Yuval Azulay
Brigadier General Oren Giber, head of the Ministry of Defense’s Tank and APC Directorate, spoke to Calcalist about the dramatic need for production of tanks and APCs
מוסף שבועי 8.2.24 מחבלי חזבאללה רכובים על אפנועים עם טילי כתף

‘Fire and blood’: The chilling reality facing Israel in a war with Hezbollah

09.02.24|Yuval Azulay
Over 100 senior military and government officials participated in a report by Reichman University’s Institute for Counter-Terrorism which details how unprepared the Israeli home front is for an all-out war with Hezbollah
חיילים צה"ל מילואים ב גבול עזה 9.1.24 מלחמת עזה

High-tech workers comprise 20% of IDF reserves, double their share in general population

05.02.24|Yuval Sade
A report published by the Finance Ministry on army reservists absent from work as of December shows that high-tech workers are disproportionately represented in reserve units, and that reservists tend to have higher salaries than the national average
דגמים של כטב"ם שהאד 136 מוצגים באיראן לפני שנה

Israel investing hundreds of millions to counter Iran's kamikaze drones threat

02.02.24|Yuval Azulay
The Israeli defense establishment has initiated a large-scale emergency procurement of defense systems to counter the challenge of intercepting massive swarms of unmanned aerial vehicles that could attack Israel should an all-out war break out with Hezbollah
מלחמת עזה חייל צה"ל ב מנהרה מתחת ל בית החולים שיפא 22.11.23

IDF unveils 'Operation Atlantis' for flooding Hamas tunnels

The IDF explained that it initially analyzes the characteristics of the soil and the water system in the area to ensure that the possibility of using groundwater in the area would not be compromised