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מוסף שבועי 11.7.19 ארקדי וולוז' נשיא יאנדקס העולמית

Israel's missed opportunity to recruit Ukrainian and Russian tech employees

22.05.22|Sophie Shulman
While the Israeli government is busy debating whether or not to grant Russian and Ukrainian tech workers work visas, they have already been granted entry by Turkey and Poland who are beating Israel in solving the tech worker shortage
Dan Fishel OurCrowd

4 ways the war in Europe will change global tech

04.03.22|Dan Fishel
How might the war between Russia and Ukraine affect the global tech ecosystem in case of a protracted conflict, asks Dan Fishel of OurCrowd
מפעל המזרנים הולנדיה ב שדרות עלה באש מטילים מעזה 12.11.19

Clashes With Gaza Are Still Ongoing, But History Shows Their Effects on Israel’s Economy Will Likely Be Minimal

13.11.19|Adrian Filut
On Tuesday, large parts of Israel were paralised with many businesses shut down, due to ongoing aggression between Israel and Gaza
David's Sling קלע דוד

Israeli Government to Authorize $8 Billion Missile Defense Plan, Report Says

24.07.18|Lilach Baumer
According to Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, the government intends to bolster the Israeli military's arms and defense systems in the face of growing aerial threats in the region
בונקר תת קרקעי של הקבינט המדיני בטחוני ב הרי ירושלים

Netanyahu Moves Israeli Cabinet Meetings to Underground Jerusalem Bunker

27.05.18|Lilach Baumer
The bunker was modeled after underground closed cities in the U.S. It can house hundreds of people, according to reports
נ"מ סורי בשמי דמשק מתקפת חייל האוויר על יעדים ב סוריה

How the Israeli Economy Would Fare if Conflict with Iran Further Escalates

10.05.18|Adrian Filut and Amir Rosenbaum
Israel's economy is better prepared than it has ever been ahead of a possible military confrontation