Naftali Bennett.

“Israel must position itself as one of the three leading AI powers in the world,” says former Prime Minister Bennett

In a long Twitter post, Bennett stressed the significance of AI and the important role Israeli high-tech should play in its development

“There is no time to lose. The State of Israel must set itself a clear goal: To become one of the three leading artificial intelligence (AI) powers in the world by 2030,” wrote former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in a Twitter post stressing the significance of AI and the important role Israeli high-tech should play in its development.
“While we are busy with countless political crises, quarrels, and internal boycotts, the world is racing forward with technology that is going to change reality as we know it. Artificial intelligence technology is advancing at an exponential rate all over the world, and it marks the biggest revolution of our generation,” wrote Bennett. “Many of us have experienced a first taste using ChatGPT that amazes everyone who uses it. And it is clear to all of us that we are at the very beginning of AI. We haven't seen anything yet.”
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נפתלי בנט בהצהרות לתקשורת
נפתלי בנט בהצהרות לתקשורת
Naftali Bennett.
(Photo: Alex Kolomoyski)
Bennett noted that in his recent travels around the world, AI is the main issue preoccupying companies and world leaders. “Everyone understands that whoever misses the revolution will remain irrelevant, like a horse-drawn carriage driver in the era of cars,” explained Bennett. “Artificial intelligence is going to change, disrupt, and transform almost all areas of our lives in a radical way, and all this in the near time frame of the next few years.”
Bennett went on to break down the influence he believes AI will have on a variety of sectors and added some personal insights. “Education will change completely as a student will be able to learn and progress at a pace and in a way that matches their abilities, inclinations, and interests,” wrote Bennett. “The role of teachers will change dramatically, and it is still difficult to predict how. Interim proposal: Instead of schools and universities banning students from using ChatGPT, they should encourage as much intelligent use as possible.
“The field of health and medical treatment will undergo a revolution of optimization and upgrading. AI will become an indispensable tool for every doctor. Israel, with its health funds and health system, can take the lead.”
Bennett noted how AI tools will be able to replace a significant part of the work of lawyers and that in the near future judges will use AI to help them make decisions.
In regards to the security sector, Bennett said: “Every army in the world should now adopt technologies that could replace sending soldiers to the front. Suppose there is an enemy-saturated village. Before you send troops in, maybe send dozens of drones, small robots, and mini-vehicles to roam the village, study it, then attack. If we don't do it, our enemies will.”

Bennett also lauded AI’s significance to business and sales, software and high-tech, and even the human soul. “AI agent systems know how to emotionally connect with humans, and even create relationships. This is an extremely dangerous thing because it will be possible to use it to manipulate thoughts and engineer human consciousness in a massive and individual way at the same time.
“Imagine, for example, an AI bot that expresses itself like a human. He contacts your 17-year-old daughter, gets to know her, learns her preferences and feelings, and can then influence her attitudes, political or consumer preferences. This ability already exists right now, and it will improve very quickly. We have to consider it.”
Bennett concluded by saying that the Israeli government must immediately define leadership in the field of artificial intelligence as a central goal for the State of Israel. “It is likely that the U.S. and China will be the global leaders because they have the resources to do so, and also because both have already marked it as an urgent national goal. For them, it is somewhat similar to the nuclear race in the 1940s and 1950s.
“If the State of Israel, with its brains, creativity and daring, Israeli audacity, its high-tech nation, and innovative security systems will undertake the task, we will be able to position ourselves as one of the three leading AI powers in the world.”