Daniel Povitsky and Dean Meyer Ctech Unicorn Forum

“None of us predicted the crisis but we are certainly prepared for it”

Daniel Povitsky, Co-founder at Vine Ventures, and Dean Meyer, Investor and Head of Israel at the VC fund, spoke to CTech about the way the current crisis is affecting the investment world

- Daniel Povitsky and Dean Meyer Ctech Unicorn Forum
When asked what recommendations he has for portfolio companies during these difficult times, Daniel Povitsky, Co-founder at Vine Ventures, had an unequivocal answer: “I think the tried and true recommendation is for us to build a shared reality with entrepreneurs, we want them to know what we are seeing, what we are feeling and what we are hearing from other investors.” Vine Ventures is an early-stage, technology-focused venture capital firm investing across the U.S., Israel, and Latin America.
Speaking to CTech at Calcalist and Discount Bank’s Unicorn Forum, Povitsky noted that “there is a push on all of us to do more with less,” and that “ultimately when you’re a startup you’re a cash burning business by nature.”
“The amount of cash you have on your balance sheet, in your bank account, is incredibly important and so we are building a shared reality about what the runways are, the amount of people we need to get the product out and to support the business towards the KPIs and milestones they need to achieve their next round.”
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.