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Car purchasing in Israel is about to change - here’s how.

Eran Wolf, Founder and CEO of Direct Finance, spoke to CTech about his game-changing tech for car purchases in Israel.

Eran Wolf, Founder and CEO of Direct Finance
(Photo: Hagay Dekel)

“Direct Finance is the lead financial company in Israel dealing with consumer loans, mainly car loans, and mortgages,” explained its CEO Eran Wolf. “We are going to launch a marketplace because actually searching for a car is a very exhausting process because the customer will spend around 16 hours in a digital process before making the last move, the purchase itself, in the physical car dealership.”
Direct Finance’s marketplace offers a one-stop shop designed to simplify the process of buying a car. The platform connects buyers and sellers in the automotive industry, providing a seamless experience that is tailored and adapts itself to each individual. The platform brings together content sites (auto.co.il), supply-side sites (Carwiz), pricing sites, bidding sites (carbid), and car history sites (Carstory), and preapproved fully digital loans (interjack).
“It is a brand new thing in Israel and we haven’t seen it as we do it worldwide,” Wolf added. “We are going to launch it at the beginning of 2024. It is a complicated process because the most important thing is the ability to react in real-time and to analyze all the data in real-time… which is not very easy and we see many companies have many difficulties in this process.”
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.