Racheli Danziger, co-founder & CEO at Detopp.

“I enter a room as an entrepreneur, CEO and co-founder, not as a woman”

In an interview with CTech, Racheli Danziger, co-founder & CEO at Detopp, shares her bootstrapped path to success and why she thinks gender doesn't matter

“Five months ago we started closing customers and now it's crazy, every day we have 10 new leads with no marketing,” says Racheli Danziger, co-founder and CEO at Detopp. “We also have $600,000 in our pipeline and a pool of 150 creative designers and 300 qualified manufacturers.”
Founded in 2021, Detopp is an AI platform for designing and manufacturing customized products anywhere around the world. “The problem began when we researched the market and noticed there were tons of SMBs searching for ‘how do I customize XYZ’ in various facebook groups etc. We asked ourselves why do enterprises, such as Dan Hotels, need us? Is manufacturing really that difficult? The answer is yes. The process is time consuming and inefficient. A company first needs to find an industrial designer and then a manufacturer. Once they do that then the hard part of coordination begins. It can take six months to a year to develop a product with just a few minor changes. We want to help make the process effective and accurate.”
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Racheli Danziger, co-founder & CEO at Detopp
Racheli Danziger, co-founder & CEO at Detopp
Racheli Danziger, co-founder & CEO at Detopp.
When asked if she feels that it’s an advantage to be a woman, Danziger’s eyes light up. “I think if you know what you want to do, and you have a dream, then it doesn't matter what your gender is. I'm an entrepreneur. I am here to change the manufacturing market and make it easier and faster. I want to bring added value to my customers and that doesn't depend on my gender. It depends on my personality, motivation and charisma. I enter a room as an entrepreneur, a CEO and a co-founder, not as a woman.”
CTech's She-inspires series follows the stories of various female leaders in Israel. The interviewees hail from various sectors: some work at high level positions in large organizations, some are founders, and some are key players in industries aimed at changing the world for the better. The goal is to learn where they came from, where they are going and how they are bringing inspiration to an entire sector making its way towards a glass ceiling just waiting to burst.

When asked what her tip for fellow women founders would be, Danziger replied: “Believe in yourself and dare to try. It's true that your chances of success are low, it’s true that you will unfortunately not meet many other women along the way and it’s true that this is probably the most winding roller coaster you will ever ride. But, you are capable, you are much stronger than you think. Earn it for yourself. You will gain the ability to motivate, lead and make dreams come true.”