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משרד ריק הייטק עובדים נעלמים גוסטינג

Full list of Israeli high-tech layoffs in 2024

הייטק עובדים

High-tech salaries fall almost 11% from record high

07.07.24|Shahar Ilan
The average salary in tech in April of approximately $8,600 is still 7.9% higher than a year earlier
Edge Tech

What's behind Israel’s high-tech paradox, and who raised funding for blockchain data management?

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מגדל עזריאלי שרונה תל אביב

Israel’s high-tech paradox: boom conceals looming crisis

02.07.24|Sophie Shulman
While capital raises return to 2022 levels, startups continue to register abroad, risking future growth.
הייטק היי-טק היי טק השקעות גיוס הון הנפקה אקזיט כסף דולרים מחשב מחשבים

Full list of Israeli startup M&As in 2024

Israeli high-tech companies remain a sought-after commodity despite the crisis in the market
חיילי מילואים בחזית

"Israel is becoming a pariah state, a hated country, and it’s trickling down to high-tech"

06.06.24|Sophie Shulman
High-tech executives point to the depth of the crisis in the industry: from the more extensive recruitment of employees from abroad at the expense of workers in Israel to the difficulty of raising money due to criticism of Israel.
מתכנת IT דאטה ניטור אבטחת מידע

High-tech salaries continue to rise, break new ground

04.06.24|Shahar Ilan
According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the average high tech salary rose to a record NIS 35,870 ($9,710), in comparison to the national average salary which decreased by 4.2% to NIS 13,493 ($3,652)
חיילים חיילי מילואים בגולן

Tech leaders to Netanyahu: Recruitment inequality could spark mass job migration

30.05.24|Sophie Shulman
"A law that exempts ultra-Orthodox from enlistment and burdens reserve soldiers with dozens of days a year will cause serious damage to human capital in high-tech and harm the economy's growth, which high-tech drives," the letter reads
מחאה ב אוניברסיטת קולומביה נגד ישראל

Israel's tech boom faces global headwinds amid geopolitical tensions

06.05.24|Omer Kabir
Fallout in academia, with boycotts of Israeli researchers and cancellations of collaborations, threatens the R&D pipeline critical to Israel's tech prominence. This chilling effect could severely undermine the sector's competitiveness over time.
עובדי הייטק משרד אופן ספייס עבודה

High-tech wages surge over 12% since the start of 2024

05.05.24|Shahar Ilan
The average salary in high-tech in Israel was over $9,000 in March, an increase of 12.7% compared to January
ראיון עבודה חיפוש עבודה

From high-tech to sales floor: Tech veterans find new paths amid job market turmoil

15.04.24|Maayan Manela
Amid the economic downturn brought on by global layoffs, inflation, last year’s judicial overhaul, and Israel’s ongoing war with Hamas, many high-tech workers have been unable to find work in their field and have been forced to take menial positions
מימין ג׳ף הורינג מייסד אינסייט פרטנרס ו ג'ון קרטיס לשעבר השותף האחראי על ישראל בטייגר גלובל

Foreign investors active in Israeli tech plummet by 23%: Troubling trend or temporary setback?

08.04.24|Sophie Shulman
In the six months since the outbreak of the war, the number of foreign investment entities active in the country plummeted, and the number of foreign VC funds investing also dropped by 20%.
שכר אופציות הייטק סטארטאפ גיוס הון

Are tech salaries facing a correction after relentless rise?

04.04.24|Shahar Ilan
While the average high-tech salary in Israel has dropped by 6.2% since December, this may simply be a correction after months of increases, according to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics
מתחם BE ALL חלל עבודה הייטק

Israeli tech sector holds strong, raises billions during war despite uncertainty

02.04.24|Sophie Shulman
Startup Nation Central's report unveils a mixed bag: while investment in Israeli high-tech remains steady at $3.1 billion amid conflict and judicial reform, concerns loom with workforce strain and small exits signaling potential stagnation in the industry's growth.
נתנאל ברויאר מנהל דיגיטל חברת הפודטק רידיפיין מיט חברת נובה עובדים ב הייטק משרדי חברת נובה

How Israeli high-tech companies are adapting to IDF reserve duty demands

03.03.24|Maayan Manela
With the beginning of the war, many high-tech workers were recruited into the IDF reserves, including senior management. Most have returned to the office, but some still continue to serve several days a week in between work
טוקיו צומת שיבויה רחובות מפורסמים ערים פופולאריות

Japanese investments in Israel dropped 57% in 2023

25.02.24|Meir Orbach
Investments by Japanese companies in Israel returned to 2018 levels, even though the number of transactions remained stable