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מימין מייסד WeWork אדם נוימן ומייסד סלינה דניאל רודסבסקי

Can Selina and WeWork find stability beyond the high-tech mirage?

23.08.23|Sophie Shulman
Shaping the future: Pondering Selina and WeWork's path to stability beyond high-tech illusions
מגדל עזריאלי שרונה תל אביב

Israeli tech startups increasingly opt for US incorporation amid judicial overhaul

While mass job relocation is unlikely, the shift of companies and intellectual property registration abroad raises concerns over tax flows
מהפכה משפטית מחאת ההייטק הפגנה הייטק

Finance Ministry weighs leverage funds to offset judicial overhaul hit on high-tech

08.08.23|Sophie Shulman
Following the judicial overhaul's severe impact on the high-tech sector, Israel’s Ministry of Finance is considering the creation of leveraged funds, a tool that was employed during the severe crisis of 2008
EasTech complex

EasTech: A unique opportunity for East Jerusalem developers to integrate into the tech industry

18.07.23|Elihay Vidal
The EasTech complex, which has received an investment of NIS 10 million (approximately $2.7 million), will host high-tech companies that will employ Arab programmers from the eastern part of the city
קו רקיע מרכז תל אביב Tel Aviv Business Center

Startup funding drops 62% YoY in Q2, but 11% increase from Q1 provides reason for optimism

12.07.23|Sophie Shulman
Looking at the first half of the year compared to the corresponding half in 2022, there was a 24% decrease in funding volume among Israeli startups and a 17% decrease in the number of rounds, bringing the industry back to the pace of the first half of 2019
חלל עבודה מתחם BE ALL

Over half of high-tech service companies downsized this year

10.07.23|Meir Orbach
A new report shows that in the first half of 2023, 52% of the surveyed high-tech companies in Israel stated that they downsized their workforce, compared to 22% in the first half of 2022
מהפכה משפטית מחאת ההייטק הפגנה הייטק

“We have come to realize our national and social responsibility to stand as a protective wall for democracy”

10.07.23|Meir Orbach and Sophie Shulman
High-tech executives are urging an escalation in protests against the judicial overhaul as the coalition prepares to approve the abolishing of the reasonableness standard in court rulings, with a vote on the first hearing scheduled for Monday
הייטק עובדים

Israeli startup funding increased more than fivefold over the past decade, totaling $95 billion

27.06.23|Sophie Shulman
The Israel Innovation Authority’s “The State of High Tech” annual report revealed that in 2022 the high-tech sector accounted for 18.1% of Israel's GDP
זוהר זיסאפל זהר זיסאפל נפטר מסרטן 20.5.23

Israeli high-tech pioneer Zohar Zisapel passes at 74

21.05.23|Diana Bahur-Nir, Meir Orbach, Sophie Shulman
Israel’s high-tech industry bid farewell this past weekend to one of its founding fathers. Just last week Zisapel shared his insights with Calcalist in what would be his final interview
דדי ברנע ראש המוסד

Mossad and Shin Bet eyeing employees from struggling Israeli high-tech sector

11.05.23|Yuval Sade
Security agencies are trying to get legislation passed that will help them offer contracts that can compete with the private sector
נעם קנטי EY

Startup nation must grow up

26.04.23|Noam Canetti
The transition from a development-based start-up nation to a high-tech country that is home to the management of international companies is already happening. But first, we must solve this current crisis
משרדים 2 חברות הייטק קייב

High-tech job market in crisis, isn't expected to rebound soon

19.03.23|Shahar Ilan
A special report by the Employment Service reveals that the number of job seekers in the field increased by 71.5% from April 2022, with another increase expected following the banking crisis in the US
סיליקון ואלי בנק SVB

Bank tank: SVB debacle presents painful lessons for Israeli high-tech

12.03.23|Sophie Shulman
The American bank did not have to collapse, but poor communication plus an unfortunate choice of words resulted in 40 years of high-tech activity being erased in a flash