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Gamers still want a mix of virtual and physical worlds, says Dov Moran

Managing Partner at Grove Ventures and inventor of the USB drive Dov Moran still has hopes for the physical world in gaming

Dov Moran
(Sinai David)

“We invested in a company that has a simple toy: the Rubix Cube, but they have connected them to the phone and now they can teach you how to solve it. When you’re trying to solve it they can tell you how you can do it faster,” explained Dov Moran, Managing Partner at Grove Ventures, a VC firm that is looking at deeptech solutions for a variety of industries. “The next one will be Chess, which allows you to play from far away but it is with mechanical tools, so you move the King, and 5km from you the King is moving. And then the other side moves the Queen and the Queen here moves.”
For Moran, the trend of gaming moving entirely online or via a mobile device was short lived; investment is going into gaming companies that blend both the physical and virtual worlds.
“It is totally different - it is the feeling that you really touch and you see the picture not just on a screen but on a real thing… You find today that the games where people are having cards put on the table are very successful despite the belief of 10 years ago that all of these games would disappear and every game was going to be only on the phone. People like to touch. People like to feel. People like to be in relationships with others.”
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.