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Software Development Life Cycle Startup Landscape

Mapping the Israeli Software Development Life Cycle landscape

21.09.23|Lotan Levkowitz, Tal Abuloff
With 100+ SDLC-focused startups and more than $5 billion in capital raised in less than a decade, Israel is the country of origin of category-leaders like JFrog, Redis, Snyk, and others
Tal Abuloff

5 practical tips to make your climatech startup fundable

15.08.23|Tal Abuloff
After meeting with most (if not all) of the Israeli founders in the climatech sector, Tal Abuloff of Grove Ventures shares valuable insights on the keys behind establishing a climate startup that will be able to raise money
Renana Ashkenazi Grove

"Now is the time to focus on your customers, efficiency and durability. Keep a close eye on the market"

14.06.23|Elihay Vidal
Renana Ashkenazi, General Partner at Grove Ventures, spoke with CTech as part of the project “Where do we go from here?”, which aims to examine how the Israeli VC industry is dealing with the crisis in the sector
Renana Ashkenazi General Partner at Grove Ventures

From chip shortages to global chess: Geopolitical struggles are reshaping the semiconductor industry

15.05.23|Renana Ashkenazi
Given the ubiquity of digital devices in our everyday lives, the need for semiconductors hasn’t shown any signs of stopping, but challenges such as US-China tensions are complicating matters, writes Renana Ashkenazi, General Partner at Grove Ventures
Ctech ClimateTech 2023 Lior Handelsman וידאו

“I see today more founders going into climatetech - that's really exciting”

26.01.23|James Spiro
Lior Handelsman, General Partner at Grove Ventures, spoke to CTech about the change in climatetech entrepreneurship
Renana Ashkenazi General Partner at Grove Ventures

"More needs to be done regarding female founders"

25.01.23|Noa Gadot
Renana Ashkenazi, General Partner at Grove Ventures, considers herself a semiconductor girl who found her way into the venture capital industry by mistake. This is her story of success
דב מורן שותף מנהל קרן Grove Ventures

What board members need from CEOs: Advice to make the most out of your next board meeting

09.01.23|Dov Moran
Dov Moran’s dos and don’ts for how CEOs should give board presentations
Ctech Gaming conference Dov Moran וידאו

Gamers still want a mix of virtual and physical worlds, says Dov Moran

16.12.22|James Spiro
Managing Partner at Grove Ventures and inventor of the USB drive Dov Moran still has hopes for the physical world in gaming
וועידת הרי - פאנל כיצד המשקיעים רואים את עתיד הרפואה

"When we look at investment, it is first and foremost a money decision. But we also look to make the world a better place"

11.12.22|James Spiro
A panel of physicians and VCs gathered during The Future Health Matrix in Tel Aviv held by the Israel Medical Association (IMA) to discuss investment opportunities in the future of medicine
Renana Ashkenazi Grove

Grove Ventures: “2022 was the year of ‘back to normal’” for startups

16.11.22|Elihay Vidal, James Spiro
Renana Ashkenazi has joined CTech to discuss some of the investment trends techies can expect to see in the year ahead.
מוסף שבועי 23.12.21 דב מורן

"I live my life my way and my wife lives hers as a religious person. It does not have to fit in"

20.04.22|Diana Bahur-Nir
As a secularist whose family members became religious, Dov Moran learned to compromise
מגזין כלכליסט טק מימין רננה אשכנזי יעל אלרואי נופר עמיקם עדי גוזס מנהלות קרנות הון סיכון

"Women in venture capital is still a big deal"

20.03.22|Sophie Shulman
Four female representatives of the next generation of executives in venture capital funds met for an open discussion on entrepreneurship, risks, technological trends and the bugs in Israeli high-tech
מימין עדי גוזס אנטריי קפיטל יעל אלרואי ויולה ונצ'ורס ליאור הנדלסמן קרן גרוב עדי הורוויץ'-לביא

What’s in store for the markets in 2022? VCs weigh in with some predictions

16.03.22|Yafit Ovadia
With fluctuating valuations, IPOs, acqui-hiring, and rising inflation, what can investors expect in 2022? Partners at Israeli venture capital firms weighed in with their assessments
אבי שבתאי רמון ספייס Avi Shabtai

Ramon.Space unveils high-capacity space-resilient storage solution

15.03.22|Yafit Ovadia
The company’s ultra-high density storage solution will revolutionize space computing infrastructure by giving it Earth-like capabilities and the ability to deliver data in real-time
Sunset Series CTech Grove Ventures 2

“The number one trait founders have is resilience”

Speaking at a special event organized by The Sunset Series and CTech, Grove Ventures’ Renana Ashkenazi spoke about the venture capital space in Israel
צוות Grove Ventures

Grove Ventures raises $185 million fund for early-stage startups

The Israeli fund will focus on domains such as edge computing, cloud infrastructure, data infrastructure and management, developers’ tools and software, DevOps, AI and automation
Kirill Pevzner and Eran Seger Protai

Protai raises $8 million in Seed for its proteomics-based platform for drug discovery

05.01.22|James Spiro
The company has developed an end-to-end AI-based platform that can map the course of a disease on the protein level
אירוע Roadshow  פאנל בנק הפועלים

“It’s the best time to be in this business and definitely the best time to be an entrepreneur”

07.12.21|James Spiro
Speaking at the Poalim Hi-Tech and Calcalist Roadshow, VC leaders from OurCrowd, Grove Ventures, Team8, and Glilot Capital shared insights about the sector and the Israeli ecosystem
Renana Ashkenazi Grove Ventures

Renana Ashkenazi, Grove Ventures: The most exciting part of investing is the people you invest in

06.12.21|Elihay Vidal
Speaking to CTech as part of a special investor survey, Renana Ashkenazi, General Partner at Grove Ventures, said the HR crisis “may hold an opportunity as it can also push the industry to find creative solutions in training and bringing new populations to the industry”