The Movement meetup.

Nine startups selected for “Reach Net Zero” mission

The program was initiated by the Movement led by Good Company VC and its partners AB InBev, Continental, Ashtrom and Bridges Israel, LeumiTech, KPMG Israel and BCLP

The Movement by Good Company VC has announced the selection of the nine participants for the Mission - “Reaching Net Zero” program aimed at supporting startups that are developing novel technologies and solutions to assist with the needed transformation of the global economy to achieve net-zero emissions.
The Movement’s partners AB InBev, Continental, Ashtrom and Bridges Israel, LeumiTech, KPMG Israel and BCLP, identified three primary areas in which it holds shared interests. The selected focus areas of the Reaching Net Zero Mission are: Carbon Reduction, Circular Economy and Energy.
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The Movement meetup
The Movement meetup
The Movement meetup.
(Matan Tzinamon)
The selected startups come from several countries, including: Israel, England, and Denmark.
The nine startups selected for the task were:
1. Structure Pal - A construction and climate technology company that developed an AI-based tool for automating and optimizing the concrete structure design process. The company's solution enables structural engineers to generate designs more quickly using less concrete and less on-site construction time, without changing any workflow.
2. Solight - Solight has developed static solar lighting systems for illuminating buildings during the day. The company's systems can complement multiple types of facilities and buildings, offering an affordable and practical method of using natural, full-spectrum solar light for widespread interior daytime lighting.
3. enSights - An asset management platform for renewable energy, providing insights that optimize your production and energy consumption while reducing wasted time, money, manpower, and CO2 emissions, helping corporates and sustainably-driven companies. The company was formerly known as SolarView.
4. CyanoCapture - As one of the winners of the Elon Musk XPRIZE for Carbon Removal award, this startup seeks to harness the power of genetic modification biotech, for affordable, long-term carbon capture for low-middle-income countries and on an industrial scale.
5. TEGmat ApS - TEGmat develops new ThermoElectric Generators (TEG) solutions based on a patented design and novel non-toxic materials resulting in higher efficiency at a higher reliability and lower cost. These TEGs will allow the industry to power IoT devices in hard-to-reach places and will revolutionize large-scale energy harvesting on large building or machinery surfaces. TEGmat is a spin-off of TEGnology.

6. Carbonade - Originated from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Carbonade developed a low-temperature CO2 electrolyzer, which produces a new reusable Fossil-Free carbon-based compound that could be used to create large-scale, sustained products such as synthetic fuel, plastics, and cleaning detergents for corporates that rely on carbon for their end product.
7. Nettef - Nettef's system retrieves electric energy from the hydraulic resistance of regulators in a pressurized liquid-conducting pipeline, generating energy through the reuse of otherwise wasted resources.
8. Luminescent - Luminescent developed a heat engine that is able to generate zero-emission electricity from any source of waste heat, doubling efficiency and cutting cost by half compared to standard heat engines.
9. Terrra - A biological carbon removal company focused on restoring and re-wilding wetlands as carbon capture tools and allows farmers and landowners to fight climate change while providing corporations in need with carbon credits.