Gal Admati

Fungit Biosolutions appoints Gal Admati as CEO

The company is developing an ‘Iron Dome’ for agricultural produce

Gal Admati, a member of Kibbutz Dorot in the western Negev, has been appointed CEO of Fungit Biosolutions. The company helps improve food security by developing biological solutions for shelf life extension of agricultural produce, crop yield improvement, and improved crop resistance to abiotic and climatic stresses.
“I have known Fungit for almost a year now, from my first day at InNegev, and I am proud to be nominated as Fungit’s CEO,” said Admati. “Fungit is an incredible company with professional and dedicated founders whose goal is to change the world for the better and improve food security while doing so. I have seen and examined quite a few companies in various stages while working with InNegev and Fungit has stood out from the start with its unique technology. Fungit is in the right place, at the right time to cause a significant change in global food security while reducing environmental impact and with competitive pricing.”

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Gal Fungit
Gal Fungit
Gal Admati
(Photo: Alex Ilkhanov)
Admati has worked previously as project lead at NLT-SPINE, at Eye-Yon Medical as program manager, and currently works at Nanopass Technologies as COO. For the last year, he served as Head of Venture Creation and Business Development at incubator InNegev, under which Fungit operates as a portfolio company.
Fungit was established in 2022 by Dr. Shimon Lecht and Dr. Liat Avrahami Moyal, who is the company’s CTO. The company is developing an ‘Iron Dome’ for agricultural produce by improving resistance to agricultural produce rot damage, extending shelf life, and protecting fruit and vegetables. The technology is based on microorganisms that integrate into various plant tissues and promote plant and fruit defense systems by acting as a ‘probiotics for plants,’ of sorts. The goal of the technology is to broaden the use of environmentally friendly biological tools in the Israeli and global agriculture sectors in order to cope with the increase in global population and food demand. Fungit has begun its second year of the incubator program supported by the IIA and InNegev.
“In addition to InNegev being a national investment body, our technological incubator also functions as a high-tech and tech company development hub, an inspirational enrichment center for youth, and an attractive hub for academics and high-tech personnel to join the Negev challenges,” added Arnon Columbus, InNegev CEO. “Particularly in these difficult times, we must continue in our task of settling the Negev, improving quality of life and the partnership and cooperation between the Jewish and Bedouin citizens of Israel. I am certain that Gal Admati, recently evacuated from his home in Kibbutz Dorot, will be part of our return to resettle this part of the country with a flourishing economy that also creates solutions for citizens of the world - these are our values.”