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aleph farms אלף פארמס

Aleph Farms' cultivated meat is kosher and pareve, says Chief Rabbi of Israel

19.01.23|Shani Ashkenazi and Shlomo Teitelbaum
"It's a very exciting day," said CEO and founder of Aleph Farms, Didier Toubia. "This is the first time that a halachic authority has determined, in a halachic ruling, the kosherness of cultivated meat"
מייסדי גרינאוניקס ובעלי השליטה בחברה מימין בני שהם ו ד"ר ציפי שהם

What’s cooking?: Israeli celebrity chef invests in foodtech startup GreenOnyx

28.11.22|Shani Ashkenazi
Ruti Broudo, co-founder of R2M hospitality and restaurant group, participated in a $10 million fundraising round for GreenOnyx, the Israeli foodtech company which specializes in growing the Wolffia superfood
מנכ"ל תנובה שי מליס וסמנכ"ל החדשנות בתנובה אייל כהן

"The global food crisis requires us to accelerate investments in foodtech"

According to Tnuva CEO Eyal Malis, it won’t be long before we encounter food products that will greatly challenge the way we perceive food today
Dr. Michal Levy Chief Scientist _alt Senior Deputy Director General, Agricultural Innovation, Ministry of Agriculture

"The point of a startup is not the idea, it is to find a solution for a challenge"

02.11.22|Noa Gadot
Agritech has the potential to solve some of the world's biggest problems, explains Dr. Michal Levy, Chief Scientist & Senior Deputy Director General, Agricultural Innovation at the Ministry of Agriculture
ישראל היא מעצמת פודטק פורצת דרך

From meat manufactured from tobacco to natural egg substitutes: FoodTech competition final all set

31.10.22|Elihay Vidal
The six startups to have reached the final of Tnuva and Calcalist's competition include BioBetter, Eggmented Reality, E-FISHient Protein, Exosomm, Meala Foodtech, and Watersight
Yishai Mishor

“Consumers are curious about today’s meat alternatives, but they aren’t satisfied with them”

Israeli startup Meat.The End has raised $4 million to help with the texture of alternative meat
ישראל היא מעצמת פודטק פורצת דרך

From cultured fish to fermented protein: Calcalist and Tnuva's FoodTech competition reaches the semifinal stage

20.10.22|Elihay Vidal
The 20 semifinalists of the FoodTech 2022 competition are attempting to find technological solutions to the problems of the global food market
Phytolon team

Biotech food colorant startup Phytolon closes $14.5 million Series A

The Israeli startup has developed fermentation-based food-coloring alternatives that are healthier and sustainable
Udi Peretz Out of the Bubble וידאו

Solveat introduces herbal medicine in bar form

16.05.22|James Spiro
During a visit to Misgav, CTech had a bite of next-generation functional food in the form of a chocolate bar
איילה מידן

“The culinary world is on its way to becoming a whole different animal”

30.03.22|James Spiro
Ayala Meidan, Global Marketing Manager at Redefine Meat, imagined how our plates might look one day when speaking at Mind the Tech 2022 in London
Tastewise Eyal Gaon Alon Chen

Tastewise secures $17 million in Series A to bring AI to the food and beverage industry

02.03.22|James Spiro
Using AI, the company predicted the rise of trends that have influenced eating and drinking during the pandemic.
רנטה גניק

Reneta Jenik, Foodom - Creating a private chef marketplace

17.02.22|Yael Eckstein
"Our mission is to make dinnertime joyful, full of excitement . This is a $3 trillion market in the U.S. alone," says Jenik
קאריס ויטי מומחית סין

Business opportunities and leverage squandered in Israel-China foodtech relations

06.06.21|Carice Witte
"That China is actively targeting the food and agriculture sectors in Israel makes one wonder if Israel has really capitalized on the opportunity," writes Carice Witte
סטייק Chunk Foods

Israeli meat-alternative startup Chunk Foods raises $2 million in pre-seed led by Stray Dog Capital

Chunk Foods leverages cutting-edge fermentation technology to produce whole-cut plant-based meat products
פודטק 2020 מימין מקום שלישי NextFerm מקום ראשון Future Meat מקום שני Amai

Future Meat wins Calcalist’s FoodTech innovation startup contest

The sectors the competition focused on included food technology, agriculture technology, health, supply chain optimization, consumer experience, direct sales, and marketing innovation
אוכל המבורגר צ'יפס

Printed Cellulose Burgers: Soon at a Restaurant Near You!

16.01.20|Navit Zomer
Israeli restaurant chain BBB has partnered with 3D vegan burger printing company SavorEat
כנס פודטק 2019 הזוכים בתחרות עם השופטים

Zero Egg Wins Calcalist's Foodtech Innovation Competition

28.10.19|Naomi Zoref
Zero Egg develops and manufactures a plant-based liquid egg that tastes, looks, and functions like a real egg
מכונת קפה אספרסו

Six Companies Disrupting the Coffee Industry, or at Least Giving it Their Best (Espresso) Shot

20.09.19|Adi Pick
From latte art to CBD infused drinks, these Israel-linked companies are revolutionizing everyone’s favorite morning energy booster