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Google Israel, Playtika, and Reichman University announce partnership for gaming sector

Google Israel VP of Marketing Hanit Marinov joined CTech to talk about the new partnership aimed at educating students for a career in game design.

Hanit Marinov, VP Marketing at Google Israel
(Sinai David)

“I think the most interesting thing with what we're doing with Reichman University right now is the fact that we are giving opportunities to touch the tech ecosystem without necessarily a full degree,” explained Hanit Marinov, VP of Marketing at Google Israel. Marinov made the remarks following the announcement at Gaming 2022 that Reichman and Google, together with Playtika, are embarking on a partnership for specific courses that will look to attract talent to the local gaming ecosystem.
Courses for game design can attract students eager to study anything from creative arts to mathematical software development. “If you're looking at the specific skill that we are going to open courses for right now, for gaming it will be mainly for Data,” Marinov explained. “Later on, based on the demand in the market, we are going to open up courses based on what the market needs.”
It is understood that Google will be sponsoring the program, Reichman University will be offering the ability to skill the talent, and Playtika will be dictating what the market needs depending on the trends it sees. “The full program is committed to being dedicated to inclusion. We are going to open up those courses specifically for people that are outside of the regular core. We are going to open it up for women, for diversity that will allow them to enter the ecosystem,” Marinov added.
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.