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כנס הגיימינג של ישראל - פאנל איך שומרים על רווחיות מימין פיני יקואל בן פנסטר גד מאור יבגני פרס ומנחה: עומר כביר

"Data is the most important thing for generating profits in the gaming world"

18.09.23|Meir Orbach
"The most important thing is what questions can be asked and what data can be trusted," added Gad Maor, co-founder and CEO of Mavens, speaking at Calcalist's gaming conference
כנס הגיימינג של ישראל - מימין אנה פישביין מנהלת תעשיית גיימינג Google ו מרים גדיאל יוטיוברית ויוצרת תוכן ל Gen Z וידאו

“Generation Z lives and breathes gaming”

14.09.23|Omer Kabir
Miryam Gadiel, a YouTuber, content creator for Gen Z, and a member of Google's marketing team, was speaking at Calcalist's gaming conference together with Anna Fishbein, an Industry Manager on the gaming team at Google
כנס הגיימינג של ישראל - עינת נמש דירקטורית Google וידאו

Google Israel Director: "Demand for AI technologies in gaming has quadrupled in the past year”

14.09.23|Orna Yefet
"AI is the third technological revolution after the internet and mobile phones. AI is present in all games, and looking forward, everything from game development to launches and analytics will be impacted as this advanced technology enters," added Einat Nemesh
 הוועידה הכלכלית לאומית ברק רגב מנכל google ישראל

“The challenges we are facing jeopardize the continued existence of the 'miracle' of Startup Nation”

18.07.23|Tomer Hadar
Barak Regev, Country Director at Google Israel, was speaking at the National Economic Conference in Tel Aviv
Ctech Gaming conference Hanit Marinov וידאו

Google Israel, Playtika, and Reichman University announce partnership for gaming sector

12.12.22|James Spiro
Google Israel VP of Marketing Hanit Marinov joined CTech to talk about the new partnership aimed at educating students for a career in game design.
Einat Nemesh CTalk

How is Google Israel helping diversify Startup Nation?

13.04.22|James Spiro
Einat Nemesh, Director at Google Israel, spoke with CTech about the company’s diversity efforts