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WalkMe shares the value of their RefreshMe program for employees

The digital adoption platform offers its workers an additional five days off - no questions asked - to recharge their batteries

May Binstock Oron, Head of Employer Branding at WalkMe

"Even before Covid, we made sure that our employees are being taken care of and we put their well-being at the top of our priorities,” explained May Binstock Oron, Head of Employer Branding at WalkMe. “All employees, and we have over 1,200 employees worldwide at 10 different sites. All of them, no matter their position, get five days off in addition to the mandatory days according to the law.”
According to Binstock Oron, employees who take advantage of the RefreshMe program tag WalkMe on Instagram - an account that she herself manages - highlighting all the ways that they rest when they have time for themselves.
“They usually simply enjoy this time off to go to the beach, because obviously, Tel Aviv has the best beach. That's usually what they do, they take some time off to relax and chill. They don't have to have any special permission, it is theirs to use and we want them to use it. Take some time off. Nobody will bother them,” she said.
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.